Vertex Standard VX-1700 and CAT connections

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by W5DMA, Apr 24, 2021.

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  1. W5DMA

    W5DMA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I got my hands on a Vertex VX-1700 and wanted to control it by a CAT software. I have connected the radio's Tuner 8 pins mini-DIN connector with a USB to Serial cable (copied CT-62 cable) but the radio won't communicate with my PC even though I tried several CAT programs. The same cable works fine with the original CE77Win software which allows me to program 200 channels and some programable keys on the front, hence I thing my cable is OK. This type of connection works only when the radio is setup in CLONE mode. By the way the radio's VFO is enabled somehow without usually dongle on the back Data 6 pins mini-DIN connector. Does the radio need a mode change to accept the CAT connection or it has some issue with possible hardwiring the VFO capability? Any response to this matter is highly appreciated. Thanks.
    73 de W5DMA
  2. WA0YDE

    WA0YDE Ham Member QRZ Page

    You might check the VX-1700 review at e-ham. They mention using "USB data" mode for digital operation.
  3. W5DMA

    W5DMA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have Googled for over a month about this radio without satisfactory results so far. This appear to be abandoned subject as it became my nightmare. I wish I never put my hands on this radio but yet, I can't give up. The e-ham review doesn't have any info, one of the posters mentions that digital modes are working fine but that is not my problem. Another one says controlling the radio never worked for him. I need to control this radio by a CAT software. My radio has damaged front display and I can't read the VFO's frequency except I can enter it from the front keypad or program it by the same cable that should function as a CAT cable. Moving away with the VFO knob from previously entered frequency is a risk of getting out of band so it is really stressful work. I can't figure out why isn't communicating with any CAT software while it programs the memory just fine. There are some DIP switches inside but I didn't succeed by any combinations I tried. The current firmware (1041) has changed the meaning of some of them because some instructions I found do not match their position. I am getting an idea that the firmware is to be blamed for this limitation and this is not due to a hardware issue. Thanks anyway for your efforts, 73 from Colorado

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  4. W5DMA

    W5DMA Ham Member QRZ Page

    One problem down another one popped up. While CAT connection was resolved by using serial DB9 GPS connector for the same purpose, the radio's DATA input works only in Digital mode J2B-LSB. That would be fine if that mode wasn't for LSB only. I have no idea why Vertex engineers chose the LSB when all digital communication modes use Upper Side Band for data transfer. Maybe newer firmware revisions have added J2B-USB but mine has V.4014 and there is only J2B-LSB mode. Has anyone successfully used VX-1700 with any of the latest digital modes like FT-8 or so?

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