Verified Member Status Requirements

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by AA7BQ, May 19, 2019.

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  1. AA7BQ

    AA7BQ QRZ Founder Administrator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    First, you should note that your personal info isn't posted to the public. In fact, after we've looked at it, it gets deleted. Another thing that we appreciate getting is your cell phone number. No, we aren't going to call you (not ever!), and again, we will never share the number with anybody, ever. We will use it to send you login codes via Text Messaging. Just like the banks do.

    73, -fred
  2. AA7BQ

    AA7BQ QRZ Founder Administrator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    No, it won't. But, we're going to conduct this experiment anyway because I really believe in it. If by this time next year we haven't seen a decrease in the number of reported scams, then we may remove the requirement. In the meantime, you can try Craigslist where like Deadwood, there is "No law at-all".
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  3. AA7BQ

    AA7BQ QRZ Founder Administrator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    That's a good point which leads me to consider that all Replies to posts, like the posts themselves, will need to be from Verified members.

    73 -fred
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  4. AA7BQ

    AA7BQ QRZ Founder Administrator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    One of the posts that we deleted said:
    That sir, was nonsense and deserved to be deleted. I, personally, have been using the QRZ 2FA for more than a year. It has never failed, not once. I only have to re-login once every 30 days, or when I login on a different computer. All perfectly reasonable, unlike your deleted post.
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  5. N3AB

    N3AB Subscriber QRZ Page

    Dave is 100% right. Even I figured out how to get verified, so if I can do it, a blind monkey can.

    It's worth the effort as the scams are becoming more and more frequent.

    QRZ is trying their best to protect us. Nothing is perfect, but they are doing a lot more to keep the scams to a minimum compared to other sites.
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  6. AA7BQ

    AA7BQ QRZ Founder Administrator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Okay, everybody reading this please hold up your hand if you know the trivially easy method to crack a locked cell phone and get into its internals to extract the cryptographic key and time signature used by the 2FA app on that phone.

    And if you're that smart, hold up your hand again if despite your great skill that you are unemployed and typically resort to online theft to support yourself.

    What, no hands? I though that this group was full of expert level computer science wizards!

    99.999 percent of our QRZ users are manifestly incapable of digging into a modern Andriod or IOS phone to extract system privileged data. Hell, I can't even do it myself and I've been a programmer for 30 years. That isn't to say that these people dont' exist because they do. Damned few of them have any interest in ham radio however, and if one did, he would only get one shot at it before his ID Verify status was revoked.

    Also, we don't collect ID's. After we have viewed them, they will be securely destroyed. We have no use for your ID after that and would rather NOT have a copy of it. This is all very common. I can think of quite a few services that we take for granted that require the presentation of a government issued photo ID. Most doctor's offices will actually photocopy your drivers license. Doctors are great at medicine but many are practically illiterate when it comes to data processing. Still, I hand them my ID...

    If it's an issue of trust that dissuades you from providing your ID, then I understand that. Perhaps after QRZ has been in business twice as long (50 years instead of just 25), you'll reconsider. Until then, 73!

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  7. AA7BQ

    AA7BQ QRZ Founder Administrator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Boy, you missed the point by a mile. How were they hacked? Phishing is the usual vector. In a phishing attack, you actually hand your password over to the attacker. He then simply uses it.

    On QRZ, the person who was hacked is 99% of the time NOT involved in any scam, and isn't the VICTIM of the scam. He's a dupe or innocent bystander whose identity was used by the attacker to attack a third party. Punishing those who got hacked amounts to us insisting that they submit Proof of Identity (POI) and that they enroll in 2FA. Remember, the victim never posted anything.

    73, -fred
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  8. W4PG

    W4PG Super Moderator Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    Hey!! I resemble that remark!

    I'm still amazed at how many docs still ask for social security numbers on their intake info. I *NEVER* give anyone that unless they have a really, really good reason (which is rare!). I also never ask for it! ;)

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  9. KA3BQE

    KA3BQE Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    Personally, I've always had hoped for a centralized certificate organization for the world that would provide verifiable proof a person is who they are. Why this hasn't happened and that the ARRL and QRZ are leading this is truly impressive IMHO. When I first started seeing the Verified badge I was like what the heck? And followed the instructions to get verified via my LoTW certificate. This is how everything should be done. My bank only recently issued 2FA via Authy and I brought it up as an issue with them almost two decades ago. Better than nothing I guess.
  10. WA7F

    WA7F Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I guess you didn’t read one post up. Anyway, it’s good to know that hacked accounts are locked out.

    It seems that we have you, Fred and the Admins, on defense. I know you are all trying hard and I don’t want to seem ungrateful. I’ve learned a lot on QRZ. Thank you for the great site.

    Dave, WA7F

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