Value of incentive licensing today

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KB7QPS, Feb 7, 2018.

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  1. W2AI

    W2AI QRZ Lifetime Member #240 Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I never had any bad experiences with the FCC examiners on Varick Street back in the summer of 1970.
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  2. N0NB

    N0NB Subscriber QRZ Page


    Even if everyone became an Extra today, the issue still remains that as we're now in the low end of the solar cycle that there simply is not enough bandwidth for CW for all licensees and the various digital modes authorized to Generals, Advanced, and Extras on 80m. So long as we're mired in this hard limit between phone and everything else, we're stuck with overcrowding at the low end of the band. Not everyone is interested in using phone.

    I also worked for my license exams in the '80s and early '90s and yet I can agree to give a little phone spectrum to gain back a fair amount of space for the fun digi modes. When I made Extra in '92 the lower limit of the phone band was 3750 kHz so half the band was phone and half CW, RTTY, AMTOR, PacTOR and a couple of digi modes that I had a ball with at the time. The expansion of phone to 3600 was a gimme as I didn't do squat to earn it in 2006, but I lost a lot of space to do the other modes in.
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  3. AF7XT

    AF7XT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm having a bigger issue teaching the material. With mnemonics on one end ( and physical evidence on the other extreme () what is missing is why.
    Why should I teach the material and not the exam?
    It would be far easier to teach to the exam.
    I don't. I won't .
    For now I teach the sections I can.
    Take the exams?
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  4. N4GKS

    N4GKS Ham Member QRZ Page

    The tests are a joke. Might as well do away with them. The 11 meter invasion was successful as evidenced by the bands full of good buddy lingo, cursing, music playing and even echo mics. Now even the Extra portion is getting these goobers. Since code was done away with, the Extra test taking has increased 1000%. Soon there will be no escaping these Neanderthals. I bet 3/4 of these guys couldn’t pass the old Advanced test. I took a sample Extra the other day and was amazed how easy it was. Thanks ARRL.
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  5. N4GKS

    N4GKS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Because some people liked ham radio when you had to have a brain to become one. Not given your license like an EBT card.
  6. NK2U

    NK2U Ham Member QRZ Page


    I don't see your point. You're talking about taking tests, I am taking about stealing spectrum from Extras to give away free of charge to lower class licenses. Nice try, but NO DICE!

    de NK2U
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  7. NK2U

    NK2U Ham Member QRZ Page


    There is more than enough space from 3.5 to 3.6 for CW and DATA. I'm there all the time and have NO TROUBLE finding a spot to call CQ and/or answer one. Right there you are wrong. Just trying to pass through a gimme when the FCC so wisely gave Extras 3.6 to 3.7 for thier work.

    de NK2U
  8. N2EY

    N2EY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    It is not a sin to study the history and what I wrote. If you do, you'll see I'm right.

    Hold on there.

    "Stealing spectrum from Extras"? That's not possible, since Extras have, and have always had, full US amateur privileges.

    What happened back in 2006 was that CW/data spectrum was stolen from the General and Advanced license classes, so that Extras could get a free-of-charge GIVEAWAY of Extra-only 'phone spectrum.

    That's what happened - and it was wrong then, and wrong now.
  9. NK2U

    NK2U Ham Member QRZ Page


    We will have to agree to disagree... because this will go on forever (I will never cede.)

    FCC was correct and just, gave Extras what they were due.

    Taking spectrum away from Extras is THEFT pure and simple.

    I will never budge. No matter how many times you try to pull a liberal fast one.

    There is no sin in studying, it is honorable! Snowflakes need to stop whining and start hitting the books. Want more, study more.

    de NK2U
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  10. AF7XT

    AF7XT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Okay Casey, I'll do this again .
    I am the 11 meter invasion. I never used the lingo, cursed no more or less than I do anywhere in my life, you may have heard some Billie Holiday, Leon Russel, Muddy Waters, in my back round, I know what a digital delay/ bucket brigade is but never saw the point. If not for 11m I would not have maintained my interest in radio. I met my pretty lady via 11m radio.
    So you mean to tell me that Citizens Band is the root cause of 14.313, 7255, 3840, and any other nameless cesspool of amateur radio? I don't think so.
    I am a goober then.
    February 23, 2007, Black Friday. Get over it already. The period for comments is closed.
    (and thankfully enough as I could put my key in the drawer and the world doesn't have to hear it)

    Casey, you took advantage of the system as much as I did. Your Novice was an in the shack test and your Technician license made the '84 callbook. So you had access to the published question pool. You were still a General in '94 . The FCC keeps no record of who was waived the 13 and 20 WPM requirement and who wasn't. The ONLY difference save for initial grant date is that you at some time passed a 5 WPM cognition test. I have an endorsement long expired and my key has remained in a drawer since. I was never any good at copy and worse sending.

    I'm an Extra in a day, or 45 years. It just depends on how you look at it.
    You're an Extra in 35 years or advanced whenever easiest.
    We both hold an Extra class license.
    11m has little if anything to do with it.
    The problem is the degradation of operating skills and lack of enforcement.
    I can do something about operating skills. I can do nothing about enforcement.
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