Using the Icom IC-5100 for Mobile Use

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio' started by W1RNY, Dec 31, 2019.

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  1. W1RNY

    W1RNY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just picked this up and did not realize putting it in my car would not be so simple.
    It is a Lexus ES 350...not much room.

    Plan is to put the main unit in the trunk and run the microphone and control head cables to the driver's side by the center consule. So far so good.

    However, there is the issue of the speaker which is in the main unit headed for the trunk.

    It was suggested to me simply to run an audio cable from the trunk to the center console where I have an aux input.....I could run the speaker through the car's audio.

    However, both speaker jacks are mono.

    The Lexus aux has the following configuration tip left audio, first collar, right audio, second collar, ground, and third collar video.

    Anybody know how to configure this so I can get mono coming out of both my left and right car audio speakers?

    The 5100 has two external speaker jacks. Maybe there is a way to join the grounds and run each positive to the first and second collars of a four connector 3.5 mm plug.

    Use a stereo cable using the shield as ground. Splice one end to two mono cables joining the shields....then run left to one mono plug and right to the other mono plug The other end will go a four connector plug but the third video collar just will not be used.

    Do you think this will work?
  2. N2PQW

    N2PQW Ham Member QRZ Page

    You've made some judgements about the ID-5100, perhaps without fully understanding the radio's functions. Check the Instruction Manual, page 7, where ICOM explains their brilliant use of the 2 external speaker jacks. They're not just Band A and Band B mono outputs. They've been doing it this way for more than 25 years, and it's really useful!
    ID-5100 Speaker Jack Usage.jpg

    Also, in your Lexus' console, the 4-conductor jack will support video on the 3rd sleeve, but will behave normally if you just plug in a 3-conductor plug, the common 3.5mm type for stereo audio.

    Here's my recommendations.
    Version 1)
    Use a stereo, 3-conductor 3.5mm plug and cable all the way from the radio to the AUX connection in your console. At the radio, you should insert that into only SP-1 speaker jack in the ID-5100. This 'should' give you both Band A and Band B as a MONO output, automatically turning off the radio's internal speaker, and feeding the car's AUX jack with a single channel that combines both bands. I can't predict which of the car's speakers will carry the signal, driver's or passenger's side, but this can be switched if you are willing to manually install the connectors on the cable, or cutting and splicing the wires to make the connections in the order that works for you.

    Version 2)
    Use a stereo, 3-conductor 3.5mm plug and cable all the way from the radio to the AUX connection in your console. At the radio, use a Y-adapter to plug into SP-1 and SP-2 of the ID-5100. This 'should' give you the audio from Band A on one channel of the car's stereo, and Band B on the other. Want to switch channels left-to-right? Just switch the plugs at the back of the radio!

    Amazon 3.5mm Stereo Y Cable.jpg

    I don't have an ID-5100, but as described in the manual, it should be the same as my 1990's era IC-2340H, so I feel confident with my recommendations.

    Also, in another post, you asked about Bluetooth connection, and I can't answer that, but I'm really interested in hearing the results of your attempt to connect! I'm guessing, however, that it won't be fully functional, because the car's normal controls don't have a PTT switch or similar. Maybe the xmitter's VOX system could be used?

    There's an ES-350 in our family, and if Bluetooth works to connect to the car's audio system, that may help me decide to upgrade my radio! Please try it out, and let me know, too!

    David / N2PQW

    Links: (3.5mm Stereo Y Cable)
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  3. KD2TUS

    KD2TUS Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    This is helpful.. I am trying to do something similar on my 5100. When plugged into my SP1 jack I still only get audio on the left side of my headphones. Has anyone had any luck using the 3.5mm Y splitter to get audio on both sides of headphones/speakers?
  4. K9PHT

    K9PHT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I mounted my two MOBILE SPEAKERS on a piece of wood slipped into the drivers side door panel.


    This worked out great for my mobile radio setup... This location is a great place to always have the speakers on and not too much noise for the wife to have to listen too all the time...

    My mobile radios are under my rear seat and the control heads are on the front dash mounted to a small wood slanting panel. Everything is velro'd in place...


    My antennas are mounted to a side door mount which puts the antennas on the rear area of my truck cab. My one HF Tarheel antenna is mounted to the top rail of the truck bed...

    All photos Roy's Images

    Roy Ken
  5. W1RNY

    W1RNY Ham Member QRZ Page

    I happened to see this so I thought I would follow up. At the present time, I did not feel I needed to separate A on one side and B on the other. I simply put the L and R leads together and I get a nice output when plugged into the aux. Interestingly, I get a slight alternator noise which I isolated to the audio cable going from the radio to aux. But, it is not that noticeable.

    I put a 12 volt SLA battery in the trunk with the West Mountain well.

    However, I also tried to use an unamplified speaker so I could hear the radio with the power off. It is a cheap speaker I picked up from a friend. The problem is it does not load enough. I wonder if using a 4-ohm speaker would give me more volume without harming the speaker.
  6. W9PRA

    W9PRA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Someone told me connecting the ID-5100 Speaker out to the AUX in the vehicle could damage the audio out on the radio.

    Anyone know if there is any validity to this? I cannot find anywhere in the manuals what the Audio Out impedance requirements are, or what the impedance of the AUX input in my Tacoma is.

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