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Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by G0GQK, May 14, 2007.

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  1. G0GQK

    G0GQK Ham Member QRZ Page


    I downloaded Firefox last week and everything is working OK.
    However I do have one problem for which I can't find an answer.

    I want to move files about in Bookmarks and cannot find how to do it. We all know using Internet Explorer we can just click and drag files around and place them in positions which suit us best. Would appreciate help please.

    Kind regards, Mel G0GQK
  2. DJ1YFK

    DJ1YFK Guest

    Main menu: Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks. There you can also move them by drag & drop.
  3. K3WRV

    K3WRV Guest

    You're much better off with FireFox than IE. In linux, I just copied the bookmark file, but suspect you have to use some sort of Export command with IE and then maybe an import command with firefox (as the previous poster suggested) . But I've never used IE, except to download FF.
  4. G0GQK

    G0GQK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello Fabian,

    Thankyou for your help, I tried this originally and it didn't work, but I think my mouse is getting lazy because I have just tried again and its OK.

    However, I cannot do this with the main bookmark list, so is the default setting that all titles are listed in alphabetical order ?

    Its not really a problem, but there are pages I would prefer to be at the top rather than antenna's and computers, such as newspapers and weather forecasts.

    If there is a way please let me know.

    Kind regards to all

    Mel G0GQK
  5. G0GQK

    G0GQK Ham Member QRZ Page


    I'm still looking for an answer to the above, if there is one.

    Kind regards, Mel G0GQK
  6. KC7UP

    KC7UP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Mel I don't quite understand your problem. I use firefox and my bookmarks are not in alphabetical order only the order I desire. Using Organize bookmarks you can move any of them. The folders can be opened by clicking the + sign before the folder and the whole folder opens. Then just move, rename or sort using the icon for that.
  7. G0GQK

    G0GQK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello Curt,

    At the top of the Mozilla Start Page is the heading Bookmarks
    When Bookmarks is highlighted a list appears. Below the four Bookmark operating tabs are folders into which files are placed.

    The folders I have created are for example, Computers, Ham radio, newspapers, information etc. and these are followed by a further 12 named folders.

    It is these I would like to re-arrange, and not the files within within the folders, which I can move by clicking Organise Bookmarks.

    Can these be re-arranged, and how, because I cannot move them by clicking and dragging ?

    Kind regards, Mel G0GQK
  8. KC7UP

    KC7UP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Mel-- Did you click on the help file in the organize bookmarks window? There is extensive info about bookmarks listed.
  9. n1ydx

    n1ydx Ham Member QRZ Page

    Bookmarked Folders are like any folder or file.

    Name the folder
    A - Elephants
    A - Antennas
    A - Diodes
    D - Porn Sites
    G - Bible Study
    etc etc
    and sort the bookmarks. Guess how they will come out ??

    Call me anal but I do that with mail boxes also and I don't seem to have a problem finding them.

    Oh ya, my photos folders go like:

    01152006 - Sledding
    01182006 - Snowstorm
    02142007 - Valentine Party
    03152007 - Blah Blah
    05122007 - Boat Launch

    and so easy to find my photos.

    Yup - I'm anal

    N1YDX - Lee
  10. G0GQK

    G0GQK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello Curt,

    Yes, I did check the help file so it seems that there isn't a way to move them around, I just wondered if someone knew a way.

    What's this bloke on about next post up, he has a fixation on anals.!

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