Using logbook when portable?

Discussion in 'Logbook User Forum' started by OK7SE, Jul 22, 2018.

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  1. OK7SE

    OK7SE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi, I am operating mostly portable, not having any home "shack". Most of the logging software I have tried is not designed for this purpose. The most common issues are with constantly changing QTH and callsign. I have a question how should I use the QRZ logbook in a portable style. I have all my QSOs logged in a paperbook and I would like to put them here.

    1) Should I always set up a new logbook for a new QTH? That will cause me having tens of logbooks with just a few QSOs. Is this how I should use it?

    2) If I am portable, I need to add various things to my callsign - another country prefix (EA/OK7SE), portable suffix (OK7SE/P), etc... I also noticed that some operators log me with QRP suffix (OK7SE/QRP). I have added one logbook with C3/OK7SE (should be C3/OK7SE/P probably, but I think being in a foreign country is a portable by default). However, since it does not perfectly match my callsign, this logbook does not appear on the "OK7SE page". How this should be solved? Should I use the prefixes/suffixes in the logbooks?

    3) What if I e.g. mistype report when adding QSO? Can I edit a QSO later? I have noticed that I cannot edit my callsign in the existing logs. So currently, I have two logs from Andorra, each for different QTH. One is "OK7SE", which appears on my page, then I realised I should use "C3/OK7SE" in the log, so the second one is with C3, but it does not appear on my page... It needs to be fixed in any case, they should be either both "OK7SE" or "C3/OK7SE", however, I obviously cannot edit them, so it means to delete one of them and create a new one with adding all the QSOs, am I right or is there a better solution?

    Thanks for any suggestions. I know this is not the way majority of people operate on HF, but I do and it does not make sense to log everything in one log, if the log does not support specifying my QTH per QSO. I need to distinguish the records per QTH, at least on the country-level...

    Also, when I add someone with /P, it does not match it with existing QRZ member, also it does not allow me to specify their portable QTH grid square, etc.

    Can I generate a map with QSOs per a logbook?

    Thank you very much!
  2. W1DQ

    W1DQ Logbook Administrator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer DX Helper Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    The QTH listed on your license is considered your home QTH.

    A logbook can only exist for each unique callsign and date range; without overlap.

    You may choose to create two or more logbooks - one for your home (XX1XX) and one for your away from home (XX1XX/P or EA/XX1XX). You should then enter QSOs in the logbook that matches the callsign used during the QSO. This designates which logbook to check for confirmation matches.

    For confirmations, the QSO record in your logbook must match the corresponding record in your worked party's logbook by callsign, band, mode, and UTC date/time within a 30 minute window.

    Except for Awards, the QTH field is not tested. In case of Awards, only that added field (e.g. DXCC entity) is tested.

    To keep track of your locations by QSO, if different, adjust the SENDERS INFO tab data. Ensure that the correct callsign is being used.

    You cannot edit the callsign of a record. If the callsign is wrong you must delete the record from that logbook and then enter it into the proper callsign logbook.

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