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Using DM780 to decode morse

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by MW3YMY, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. MW3YMY

    MW3YMY Ham Member QRZ Page


    I'm good with morse up to about 12wpm but any faster and I get a bit lost. I was wanting a program to help me out. I've tried CWDecoder and MRP40 but as I use DM780 for PSK-31 I thought it would be nice to use it for CW as well.

    I've got a US Interface Navigator as my interface box.

    How can I go about getting DM780 to decode it?

    Many thanks,

  2. AG3Y

    AG3Y Guest

    You just click the CW button on the GUI. Is it any more complicated than that? I'm not sure where you are having a problem.

    Good luck , Jim
  3. G7TPL

    G7TPL XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I use MCW on DM780, TX and RX.
  4. MW3YMY

    MW3YMY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for the replies.

    Hmmmm.... something does seem to be going wrong.

    So on the bar at the top of the waterfall, I press CW and then select WinKey from the dropdown. I subsequently successfully connect to WinKey.

    I then click on a nice strong signal on the waterfall and.... nothing happens!

    Where am I going wrong?

    Thanks very much and gd dx!

  5. GW0NSR

    GW0NSR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Reading CW with Interface

    Are you certain that your output from the rx is getting into the comp? check that the plug is in the correct socket(s) in your comp. If the above OK, then experiment with the audio levels. Check for continuity in the leads and that the contact surfaces are clean, a quick squirt of switch cleaner might help.If all the above fail, kneel and pray!!!!! Good luck, Tony in Conwy.
  6. KM5QF

    KM5QF Ham Member QRZ Page

    my dm780.. cw is the one mode i dont use it for. it doesnt decode anything but gibberish 99 percent of the time. if i sit and copy an entire qso i may end up with one or two actual words.

    are there some cw settings i need to tweak? it works fine in all other modes.
  7. AG3Y

    AG3Y Guest

    CW is one of the modes that is the most difficult for a machine to decode. The reason for this is the varying length of the elements making up the code, as well as the varying length between the spaces of the elements, the letters the elements make up, and the words the letters make up.

    "CWGet" is probably one of the better programs out there for decoding CW.

    Have you tried your program on the W1AW code practice and bulletin sessions? Unless there is a squelch level set wrong, you should be getting some kinds of results, even if there is a lot of "gibberish" thrown in !

    Using the narrowest filters in your radio will help, and making sure that you have the indicator directly on top of the data stream display should help, too.

    Sorry I am not being a better help here. I am one of those guys that advocates that the best way to decode CW is to use the "computer between your ears". And I have just started playing with HRD and the other digital modes.

    Good luck! 73, Jim
  8. K8JD

    K8JD Ham Member QRZ Page

    With a little practice most of us could copy CW without a machine helping (other than a decent CW filter) ! :D
  9. MW3YMY

    MW3YMY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks very much for the replies.

    I've had a look at DM780 but still no joy. I definitely agree that decoding without a computer is the best way to go and out on 80m today I was pleasantly surprised by how much I could copy and work back to.

    Tony, GW0NSR: Nice to meet you. I'm just up the coast in Meliden, nr Prestatyn. We'll have to have a QSO sometime.

    Thanks again everyone and I hope to meet you all out there,

  10. AG3Y

    AG3Y Guest

    ATTABOY ! ! ! Work diligently at your CW skills, and you will find the speed and accuracy coming up at a very satisfactory rate.

    Just remember, a good operator will slow down to a speed you are comfortable with. Just don't send faster than you can receive. That is a common mistake made by many that are starting out in the mode.

    73, Jim
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