Upgrading to Extra?

Discussion in 'Becoming an Amateur Radio Operator/Upgrading Privi' started by N7TOX, May 6, 2010.

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  1. N7TOX

    N7TOX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yeah. I'm leaning more and more towards just doing a 1x3. I can get something I like a fair bit that way, and I'm not seeing anything that catches my eye in the available lists of 2x1 that I can get in my area.

    I've found a good candidate that's a district 7, and should be available, so I'm going to go ahead and apply for that and a couple different variants, to ensure I get it.

    Thanks again for all the answers and encouragement.
  2. N7TOX

    N7TOX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wooo. KF7JLF/AE.
  3. N1LUL

    N1LUL Ham Member QRZ Page


    After 18 years as a tech, I am finally going for my General. Plan to take the test June 12th.

  4. W4DHW

    W4DHW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just finished the General exam, was told I'm an Alpha Golf... Did you subscribe to hamtestonline.com, do you feel it prepared you pretty well? Going for Extra while the fire is still hot! Did anything throw you for a loop? I took the one Extra test after the General and faired ok (read failed...) Just getting a little prep from someone who just took it. :)
  5. N7TOX

    N7TOX Ham Member QRZ Page

    HamTestOnline did a great job of prepping me for the test. Less than 20 hours of studying, total. I got 50% taking extra cold on my first try. 98% one month later.

    Go for it!
  6. KD0KVO

    KD0KVO Ham Member QRZ Page

    After preparing this month to sit for the Extra, I am not going to test right away. I had no problem passing the tech and general exams (this month), but know my knowledge is not where it needs to be to be able to look in the mirror as an Extra Licensee. My Uncle Clyde (SK) had a 100 foot tower and a massive shack full of equipment in the 60s that he built and he died a General. No way I should be an Extra after 3 months when he was a General after 40 years! I am sure it was the CW wpm requirement that held him back. I studied for the Extra and am passing the practice tests but I just don't feel I am deserving of this yet... Does that make sense? Not putting down those that forge on by reading the material and memorizing flash cards but until I can teach a class on a topic or Elmer someone or at least gain CW proficiency, I don't deserve the extra privileges and vanity call sign.... I can see why some of the old timers get frustrated.
  7. AE7HF

    AE7HF Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Congrats to those of you that passed and upgraded. nice call btw n7tox, I just let the fcc take my N0VSJ after 18 years. I did a sequential call change on June 16, I got Amateur Extra 7 High Frequency. It works..lol. no vanity I like it. Took me awhile to finally bite the bullet and go to extra. My brother upgraded to Advanced while I was still tech+. I was licensed 2 years ahead of him. As far as having to "look" in the mirror or being extra after having your license a short time before getting extra... that's just an excuse. Go for it! If you can sit down and take all the tests in one sitting, then by all means do it. My wife just went from Tech to Extra in 1 in a half months. She doesn't talk much, can't build an antenna, radio or repair one. but show me a ham that really can now days. Sadly, myself included, would rather go down and buy a commercial antenna, radio, or buy something all ready pre-made. I'm sure there are people out there still that had to take the 20wpm that don't consider the new Generals and Extras that have no code a non ham. I say to them, get over it. Anyone that has the will to sit down and learn a new thing, or obtain the General, and especially the Extra these days at anytime in their hamradio career should go for it. No excuses, who cares if you only been on the air twice, or a licensed ham for a month. We where in AES the other day and some cranky old man walked off when an employee told him my wife behind him just passed her extra. Found out later he was a general for years and years. I thought he would have been proud of her, a younger person joining the ranks in the hobby. This is the attitude I see lately from people, how do we expect our young people to get interested and upgrade if these "Elmers" treat them this way after an upgrade?
    I say upgrade upgrade upgrade, and don't stop learning. An Extra class ticket is not an end or the top, it's a gateway to a new world of learning. For you guys that just passed your General, don't stop.. stay in that learning mode, shoot for the EXTRA. It's our hobby, some of us, our life. Be proud of the accomplishments and push yourself.
    There is really no excuse these days for all of us to be EXTRA's, no code now. A coded extra is NO different than a 20wpm coded extra or someone that's been licensed 50+ years. We are all equal in this wonderful hobby.

    again congratulations on your upgrades....

    AE7HF out.
  8. W1DQ

    W1DQ Logbook Administrator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer DX Helper Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I am one of those Extra’s, licensed over 50 years, that was forced to travel to an FCC District Office to take the test and be examined at 20 wpm code. The hardest part was learning to simultaneously write on paper at 20 wpm just to prove you could copy. Nevertheless, I support using Volunteer Examiners and having a no-code requirement for any grade of license. If you can advance quickly, do it; or, enter at the top. Welcome to ham radio.

    As to using CW, there are advantages – very weak signal reception, narrow bandwidth, more QSO’s fit in a given space, recognized symbols facilitate language-difference-free communications, no-microphone silent operation, higher probability of success in DX pileups, etc. If you have never acquired the skill, you can’t appreciate the benefits and probably won’t even care.

    Regardless, there are so many facets of amateur radio to enjoy, pick yours and go for it.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2010
  9. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes, I used to hear guys all the time bragging about being '20 WPM Extras' and calling all the newer ones 'Extra Lite'. Every time I heard that, I would ask if they had to draw schematics on their Extra exam like I did!

    The requirements for the license are whatever they are at the time. My dad held a 'Class A' ticket before WWII, and he always said that the General I took in 1965 was much tougher, because a lot of the technology on that test didn't exist when he took his! The modern Extra is somewhat the same deal. A lot of the technology really wasn't around 40 years ago.

    Enjoy your new privileges. I do hope that you learn code, so you can really appreciate them. The new phone privileges on 75, 20 and 15 meters should be enjoyable, too.
  10. KD0KVO

    KD0KVO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am motivated to learn CW for a couple of reasons. First living in CO I am interested in using and building QRP rigs I can take back country. I also would like to make contacts with people that may not necessarily speak English. The other reason is my dad was a radioman on a Navy hurricane hunter plane in the 50s. He is not a ham, but says he still copies code in his head 50 years later. I would like to bring a portable rig down to his house and see his reaction....
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