Update QSOs from ADIF import

Discussion in 'Logbook User Forum' started by EA4GRG, Mar 31, 2020.

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  1. EA4GRG

    EA4GRG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi all!

    I've recently changed to another PC log program and I use a LoTW upload functionality on it. Next I use the "Download from LoTW" function on the QRZ.com logbook to load the QSOs and have both LoTW and QRZ.com synced.
    In summary this is the process:

    My PC log program -> LoTW -> QRZ.com

    I've noted that very useful information like "Comments" and "RST" fields are not imported in the 2nd step (LoTW -> QRZ.com). Now I realized of that problem I'll do importing from my PC log program to QRZ.com and later to LoTW.

    Now I want to update those QSOs in QRZ.com logbook with the missed information importing the suitable ADIF file. But I'm afraid to lose the QRZ.com logbook confirmations including those from LoTW.

    How can I do it in a safe way?

    Thanks. 73.
  2. W1DQ

    W1DQ Logbook Administrator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer DX Helper Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Since 1996, I have used my own electronic logging program based on Microsoft Access database software. I generate my ADI from it and there is no confirmation or comment info in it.

    I directly and separately upload that file both to
    • LoTW via their TQSL program, and
    • QRZ via its SETTINGS Import utility
    In so doing, confirmations are individually processed each by LoTW and QRZ.

    After that, I wait until LoTW acknowledges that it has successfully updated my LoTW account, then I use QRZ's "Download from LoTW" utility. The result is that both QRZ and LoTW confirmed QSOs remain or are added to my QRZ Logbook.

    As to carryover of comments, I am uncertain; contact: https://ssl.qrz.com/support
  3. EA4GRG

    EA4GRG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thank you for your reply.

    The way you do is just I'll do from now but I'm unsecure to do the update in QRZ.log 'cos maybe I'll lost my confirmations mainly.

    Thanks. 73.

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