Uniden BC785D scanner

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by kd6wd, Feb 13, 2003.

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  1. kd6wd

    kd6wd Club Station

    Just received a new Bc785D scanner. It has an rs232 port so you can download frequency databases. Only one catch.  The software they provide on cdrom cannot communicate with the scanner. It appears to have a lot of capabilities that are available but as of yet are unusable with version 2.0 of their software. I spoke to customer service and they suggested I purchase the $99.95 enhanced version and that might work.  As a retired programmer I have little confidence that it will work any better than that which I received with the scanner.  I do like the way it works in the manual mode but I did not buy it to use that way. The receiver is very good. Scan speeds are excellent. It does take two people to reset it to factory defaults. You have to press the 2 the 9 and the menu button and then turn on the power. I did not purchase the apco-25 option and will not until I get software that works. As soon as they fix the software, I will post my other comments.

    best 73's
    john kd6wd [​IMG]
  2. W5ATX

    W5ATX Guest

    Let me get this right. The supplied software, sold with the unit for use with that unit, does not work, and Uniden suggested you buy a $100 optional package that "might" work better? That sounds like about 13 different varieties of fraud. Bait and switch with a twist?

    I would expect better than that from Uniden. But then again, who really knows. Now I'm glad I bought a Radio Shack Pro-2067 when I was trying to decide between it and the Uniden model.

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I have no suggestions that might help you with your immediate operational needs, but wanted to vent after reading your post.

    Again, thank you and good luck,

  3. kd6wd

    kd6wd Club Station

    In response to my earlier posting, I have these additional comments.  The scanner itself works great. No complaints in that area.  I joined the scanner reflector on yahoo and many of the other users had  some difficulties with the enhanced version ($99.00 extra) of the e-scanner software.  But all is not lost. It appears that there many third party software packages in beta test that are excellent and do in fact work very well even with a few quirks that are being cleared up.  I suggest those of you who plan to get this scanner check the comments on yahoo.  In addition the control codes for the scanner are also available.  Those of you who might be programmers will find that you can easily write your own software to control the scanner. One last note, the 3rd party software packages start at only $35.00 and will make the bc785d an exceptional setup.  I played around controlling the rig with a little bit of code and it appears that developers will have some really nifty features that really work well in their release versions.  

    best 73's
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