Unable to post to my old logbook due to a date error linked to my new callsign

Discussion in 'Logbook User Forum' started by M0OLM, Feb 28, 2019.

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  1. M0OLM

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    Having recently received a new call-sign, I asked for this to be added to my account and this was done. However I still want to use my previous call-signs (I have have 3) which is quite legal in the UK. But when I try to add a QSO into the original logbook, it tells me the date range is invalid.

    It clearly shows the logbook as being from my original call-sign when I enter the QSO but when the date error comes up and it invites me to edit this, it takes me to me to the logbook for the new call-sign! Its almost as if the system doesn't want me to use anything but my new call-sign but I find that hard to believe.

    In the profile for the new call-sign I have correctly set the start date for this as being the date I received the licence but this seems to now apply to all to whole account, not just to that specific call-sign.
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    You have created an excessive number of logbooks; you only need one for M0OLM and one for 2E0OLM. See: Logbook name pull down menu:


    Each logbook has a unique callsign and date range. It is possible to create Logbooks having the same unique callsign provided their date ranges do not overlap.

    In your case, only three logbooks are required - 2E0OLM, M6OLMand M0OLM; each with its own date range. The start date would be the date of the first QSO made using the callsign. The end date would be the expiration date of that callsign license.

    Click on SETTINGS then PROPERTIES to determine the logbook's callsign and date range. Note: Changing the name of this logbook DOES NOT change the callsign.

    Move QSOs to the associated logbook by deleting and re-entering. Delete unnecessary logbooks.
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  3. M0OLM

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    Thanks for your help and assistance, I believe I should now be able to correct the errors or at least I'm hoping so.

    I need three distinct logbooks, one for each of my callsigns as you say, but as there is no expiration date for any of the licences, I hope that won't cause a problem?
  4. W1DQ

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    Select a date in the future. The Start and End date are provided to define the period that one owner was assigned the callsign, in the event that it might be reissued.

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