SOLD uBitx V5

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by WD5EED, Dec 4, 2019 at 9:12 PM.

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  1. WD5EED

    WD5EED Ham Member QRZ Page

    uBitx Ver. 5 radio
    CEC Firmware v1.20
    HAM RADIO HOBBY KITS Case for Nextion 3.5" Screen
    Added working features
    Single throw on /off power switch.
    RF/Mic control that varies power out via mike level control.
    Single throw switch that works in conjuction with rear double throw double poles switch
    providing for turn on of extra internal relay that works in conjuction with ptt in any
    mode, also alows for swithing on fan on ptt, fan can also be all on or off.
    Nextion 3.5" Screen with s meter and Signal Analyzer using second Arduino per CEC firmware.
    Three posision switch for off, slow, fast AGC action.
    Custom blue control knobs and tune button {cw key} and a custom spinner knob for tunning.
    Added RCA port for amp control. Center to ground when front left switch is up and ptt hi.
    Rear switch re-purposed to turn internal relay on and fan control.
    I/O Ports wired for usb for cat contol and the two 3.5mm inputs wired to internal digital board and it wired to
    mike and audio and works great with wsjt-x and other digital programs, along with the fromt RF/Mic control varying
    output from 0 to max of 18-20 watts on a good tuned 80 meter loop or dummy load. NOTE many factors can and do effect
    power output from these neat rigs and I can get and run on the average of 10 and more watts using ft8- all so as a disclosure
    I have replaced the ptt relay with a little heavier model and added the tap for the ptt (single wire} plus added the AGC board.
    The setting of pots bias/drive etc. are as they came from factory.
    Easy Digi board for FT8 etc. wired to two 3.5mm jacks on rear.
    Cat Control cable wired to rear panel.
    Adustable "buck" converter to set fan speed.
    12 volt regulator on heatsink for power to uBitx board with 13,8 ? voltage to pa finals
    5 volt regulator on heatsink for Nextion screen and the Radiuno has a heatsink on its 5 volt regulator.
    Second Radio
    uBitix Ver, 4 board and parts
    Was working, then started in transmit when power on, not sure if finals failed or not,, Started to pull finals then the Ver. 5
    came on the market. So dropped the repair and got the V5 above.
    Included is 4 new irf 510 's and two sets of wiring and other accessories that came from factory, one that I used from the Ver.4
    kit and one New in bag from the V 5 kit as it had hardware with the case. Radiuno is programed for the CEC software and nextion
    3.2 screen, I have only the 16 x 2 orginal screen so you may need to reload the orginal software etc. based on your needs if you
    choose to repair or just use for parts.. have a few other odd / extra parts the will be included.
    Not counting time and effort I have a little over $400.00 invested in these radios and parts, So to avoid all the work and etc,
    make an offer and get a bargain! All of the above are sold as-is with no returns. Purchaser will be sent a PP invoice and on
    payment shipped to a lower USA address only. Contact only by this email radiogear at wetel dot com . SNB12533.JPG SNB12533.JPG

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    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019 at 9:29 PM
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  2. WD5EED

    WD5EED Ham Member QRZ Page

    sold pending funds
  3. N2MDX

    N2MDX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Best Ubix i seen so far great job!
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  4. KS4NS

    KS4NS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Did you sell the v4 harness and controls also? I need a set for my v3. BTW, what chassis did you use? Looks great.
  5. N6MST

    N6MST Ham Member QRZ Page

  6. QRZ
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