U.S. Forest Service Portable Repeater Vandalized in Colorado

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by K0LWC, Oct 15, 2020.

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  2. KA0HCP

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  3. WC5P

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    Hopefully they set up some game cameras to catch any future vandals.
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  4. KF5FEI

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    Probably some crackheads who thought the government was spying on them. Yep, definitely prosecute the heck out of them.
  5. WJ4U

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  6. K1SZO

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    Gotta love those high character, respectable people out there these days.

    On an amusing note.
    Lets see, you're in the Rocky Mountains. For the most part, I'm not sure distance alone is the only reason why simplex is problematic and a highly elevated repeater makes sense. :D
  7. LU9FMS

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    That's so unacceptible! There is just no respect at all!

    Hope this will never happen again.
  8. AD0HT

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    The fires here in CO (and for the most part every where else) are arson - these vandals helped promote the arson and murder, as people died in these fires.
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  9. ND6M

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    Yeah,... they unscrewed the coax connector ,................. and never opened the orange cargo box................. not!
  10. N0TZU

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    The Cameron Peak fire (largest in state history) and East Troublesome fire (2nd largest) origins are still under investigation. The Pine Gulch fire (3rd largest) was determined to be lightning.

    Source: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov

    It is true that most wildfires are human caused, but usually accidentally, or negligently such as a carelessly tossed cigarette or unattended campfire. Those could be considered 4th degree arson depending on circumstances. Deliberately starting a wildfire would be 1st degree and is uncommon.
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