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TYT TH-9800 Repair

Discussion in 'Radio Circuits, Repair & Performance' started by KI6PTN, Dec 15, 2016.

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  1. KJ7DEI

    KJ7DEI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have a TYT TH 9800 and the right side select button which transfers the microphone use, does not work. It seemed to have happened almost overnight. The left side microphone select where I am stuck is ok and I can use the microphone to transmit. Ideas, suggestions, or opinions?
  2. KD5OQS

    KD5OQS Ham Member QRZ Page

    My TYT th-9800 after 5 years stop transmitting on all bands , like the kd9hwk open my repeater around 100' distance , I open the radio and look fine
    I don't know if warranty take care after 5 years
  3. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page


    Not unless you bought it on Amazon and got the extended warranty.
  4. KI6PTN

    KI6PTN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey all. Just realized people asked question about my posts, but thread alerts were going to my spam folder. my radio died about a year after sending it for repair. I also need to make a correction. DHL shipping cost to China was $135 not $35. Service support turned it around pretty quick though, so I was happy there. Here is the email address I used to communicate with them.
    they required DHL shipping saying they would have trouble with Customs if sent any other way.
    i will not be shipping it back to China for another repair. At this point, based on what I originally paid for the radio w/ shipping, along with shipping via DHL for repairs, I could buy 2 more at current prices. That bring said, I’m not going to buy another one of these. I was excited about the possibilities of a cheaper radio, but the quality is just not there.
    If anyone wants mine for parts, I’d be happy to send it to you for a small fee plus shipping.
  5. IU1KTP

    IU1KTP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi guys, for knowledge in my TH-9800 the issue is the last relay, that works as antenna switch , it is broken! the excitation coil is interrupted, the problems was no power output during 2m transmission only low signal at maximum power. I think, but not is my case, that this issue can cause later the burn of the transmission circuits mosfet, because it's like transmitting without antenna.
    I'm waiting fore spare parts relay, let you know.
  6. IU1KTP

    IU1KTP Ham Member QRZ Page

    The (relay) replacement part has arrived, and the repair has been a success.
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  7. KD8ZJP

    KD8ZJP Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was using my 9800 in May camper on Marine battery's during the lock down. My dog went after a critter under the camper and pulled the battery down. Somehow this shorted out and blew the 3 fuses.
    When I replaced them I found that the radio would Rx but not Tx. The radio keyed but there was no power going to the antenna. My SWR meter did not register and no Fwd or Rev either. I am assuming the finals are blown out.
    I have had a real hard time finding a way to contact TYT. On my phone going to the website says unable to get a response, (people tell me it works on a PC) but I was able to find info@ and in this thread service@.
    I emailed several reoUr shops all who said they would not work on a TYT, listing problems getting parts and tech support fom the company. I finally found a guy here in Ohio that is willing to fix the issue, my concern is once we get a true diagnosis and not my speculation we will not be able to get parts.
    My spending limit to do repairs is going to be 100 bucks after that I could get a new radio from DX or Gigaparts and not have to go through the hassle I have had to trying to get this one worked on. DX is always happy to work on most radios out of warranty.
    Do I'm looking to see if anyone has had any luck getting in contact with TYT for parts.
    I've even talked on Facebook Messenger with a guy in Malaysia who's FB page is TYT.
  8. KG7FFJ

    KG7FFJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have been working on a TYT TH-9800 and have found that a good portion of the components are available from the parts wholesalers. The stage just before the final seems to have failed in this one probably due to overvoltage or having been keyed for too long. The heat transfer doesn't appear to be sufficient.
  9. K6LPM

    K6LPM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am interested in how often and what type of failures are occuring with these radios. Especially interesting with tbe repair success rates. Without investigating, researching or even tinkering within the innards of these rigs, I wonder what would make them any less repairable than many of the other fairly current generation of ham gear. I assume that surface mount is a bit daunting for a few do it yourself folks, but is there really alot of proprietary unique LSI style components or something? Mine has a few funny quirks such as the internal speaker not functional. It appears to be a bad pc board mount PC jack not switching. I just use an external speaker. I somehow programmed a band of freq. that js outside the radios range of freq coverage. It somehow now doesnt allow me to reprogram via either of my radio programming software apps. It glitches because of some sort of memory range error. But it has so much stuff programmed inside that its ridiculous. I can still program manually. I remote mine under the seat of my work truck where it is under the seat and unsecured and able to bounce around in a nasty dirty harsh environment . The RJ modular cable has been lengthened with excessive length of CAT 5 cable with butt splice cable connectors. It certainly is a rather abusive and jury rigged environment. I have no idea what type of match the radio sees with the Budget Ebay direct from China "pre tuned" quad band antenna. Just imagine that this antenna has been operated at the extreme lower end of this radios lowest capable coverage at full power. I cant imagine the SWR is too nice on this lowest end . Similarly the same for the upper end too. Even though the antenna is optimum install with a hole popped into the middle of the sheetmetal roof of the truck cab and plenty of groundplane, I highly doubt the antenna is widebanded enough to enjoy a happy match to such extremes. However it takes a lickin and does seem to keep on ticking. I am surprised how much abuse this thrasher rig has received and continues to function.
    I really need to double check the radio for the quality of its emissions and make sure it has no bad spurious signals outside of band!
    However my primary use is reception only. In this role the bang for the buck performance is rather incredible for a thrasher radio, I am not too worried about destroying it in my work truck environment.
    It is loaded with so many channels I never get too bored finding anything interesting to listen. The wideband reception just amazes me. I just recently noticed that I can recieve 900 megs with a few active ham linked repeaters up here. Of course no transmit up here, but have noticed a few ham repeaters that are occasionally linked via 6 and 10 meters to these "microwave" machines. When linked I can participate too. The 6mtr and 10 mtr machines also link 220. Unfortunately the radio doesnt recieve 220. If I recall correctly I believe that it 220 freqs. orig programmed into my radios hacked memory that had corrupted it for external programming.
    It really is amazing everything that this radio is capable of doing..... It is pretty decent as a scanner if nothing else! I am only disapointed with VHF lowband coverage just missing range between 30-49 mHz. I am sure thats because of the local osc.
    All considered this radio is more convenient than say a Hack RF .... Pretty killer radio if ya can keep it running. Mine probably is going to die now that I write this.
  10. JHUMMEL73

    JHUMMEL73 QRZ Member

    My son-in-law owns one. The reason I write here is because he asked me to repair it. It will not power on. This happened sometime between moving it from his old car to a newer vehicle. In between this it had sat for a while in the old vehicle during the cold of winter (we live in Fairbanks Alaska, not uncommon to hit -40) Anyway, he put it in the new vehicle but dead. I looked into it and found the 5v regulator which supplies power to the CPU and an EPROM chip when the radio is off, was only outputting 1.2v. I desoldered the regulator and set it up on a test board and it output 5v. I loaded it to its capacity of 100mA and still rock steady at 5v. I isolated the Eprom by lifting the power lead and still no improvement. My conclusion is the CPU has failed. Whether the cold did it or had something to do, I don't know. Anyway, pretty much useless now.

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