tyh th9800

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by PROFIT, Mar 8, 2015.

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    PROFIT QRZ Member

    hi has any one got any imput or review / info on a tyt th 9800 please
  2. KY4DCH

    KY4DCH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Got mine today cant fig how to program since I have win 7 not Vista.
  3. ZL1VSF

    ZL1VSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Is this the Chinese made clone of the Yaesu FT-8900 quad band radio..??

    If so,, from what I read (and only from what I read) about this radio, it is one of the better Chinese made clones, very similar if not almost identical to the FT-8900. I have seen a "few" reviews and articles on the TYT 9800 and nobody had anything really bad to say about it, from a straight users point of view of course.. As far as "technically" goes, I can't say I have seen much about it at all.. i.e actual performance and build quality from under the microscope as it were, etc...

    6 months ago I bought Wouxun's version of this radio, the KG-UV950P Quad bander and at first it was quite an exciting radio to have, that was for about a week, by which time I had noticed many, and I say "many" out loud, bad habits and traits became obvious from the 950P. Over the next 3 or 4 months, I slowly but surely grew to dislike this radio with a passion. It has its limits, well and true, and those limits fall far short of the acceptable margin. In Feb this year, I had had enough of its bad behaviour and bought the real McCoy, a Yeasu FT, only I decided that the "quad" band was not necessary so I bought the FT-8800 dual band instead of the 8900. With the Wouxun 950P, I dared to listen to a friend and his totally wrong opinions of this brand, and I paid the price for listening to a guy who believes only in what he sees in front of him in most radio's - buttons, dials and bright LED's. This time with the Yaesu I, took note of what lots of others had to say and bought the one that I knew would suit me. There has been no looking back since that day. I have NOT a bad thing to say about the FT-8800 at all,, not a thing...!!!

    I believe though that the TYT 9800 might be a far better radio than the Wouxun 950. The 950 was not actually "bad",, just that it had many many annoying bad habits that virtually turned it into a horrible, nice radio.. I hope it goes well for you. At least you may have bought the best of the clones. I'd be interested to see just how it goes and what you think of it after, say, 3 months or so... I'd like to think that it will perform better than my 950P did...

    Keep us up to play with your new radio every now and then...

    Al... (ZL1VSF)
  4. ZL1VSF

    ZL1VSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Use your manual and the buttons on the mic and/or the front of the radio. No, I'm not trying to be sarcastic to you, but I could never truly get any of that software to work 100% percent with these Chinese radios so I just relied on the good old standby - my fingers and the manual... You actually learn quite a lot as you go, this way...

    Al (ZL1VSF)
  5. K5YVY

    K5YVY Ham Member QRZ Page

    I own two TYT-9800's . The oldest was the pre-"plus" model and it had some annoying things about it. The most complained about was the awfully loud scan beep, when scanning and it landed on a active frequency the beep would be so loud you almost messed your pants, even with the beep volume turned down to it's lowest setting which was "1" . You would actually have to HEX edit (hack) the programming software to make this beep silent. Another annoying bug was scanning with both vfo's active was useless, as when one side was scanning and the other side had a active signal , the audio would chop out each time it scanned to the next frequency or programmed memory channel. I also have a problem with the left side vfo squelch staying open no matter where I have the squelch knob at (all the way left or all the right). Messing around with it and moving it around it seems it may be the coax connection or a loose connection in the radio as moving it just right will make it perform as it should.

    With that being said the newest one I bought is the "Upgraded Plus" model, as there is some question as what the "Upgraded Plus" actually is , it seems to have a different board installed or some type of hardware change from the pre-plus model. The Upgraded Plus model does NOT have the scan beep issue, it does NOT have the scanning+choppy audio problem, and I have had no squelch problems with the plus model either. I definitely get more enjoyment out of the PLUS model as all I had to do was take it out the box, program it, and run it.

    The TYT-9800 has a great FM receiver in it. So go that I have actually crossed band 10 meter FM from my Truck with the TYT-9800 into 2 meter simplex into my home station because it was receiving 10m FM signals so much stronger and clearer than my Kenwood-440s with a 25' Titan DX vertical. (Yes the Kenwood 440 a all mode and dedicated mode radios like a FM only usually has more sensitive receivers, but still a comparison for you)

    With all that said, YES I do recommend someone wanting a Quad band FM rig to get a TYT-9800 (I bought my first off ebay for $250, bought the Second for $240) You can't get a dual band mobile new for that with the same options and output power.

    YES I HIGHLY recommend if you take possession of one of these radios, that you join the TYT-9800 yahoo group. Any help you need you can find it there.

    Just remember this is a FM ONLY radio, It will recieve AM, it WILL NOT Transmit AM, it will NOT do SSB. Again it's a FM only radio. (I stress this because there have been several people buy the radio thinking it would somehow transmit AM or SSB..no it will not)

    Bottom line, I've highly enjoyed my TYT'9800's and Highly enjoyed the price I paid for them compared to prices of other similar radio's.
  6. ZL1VSF

    ZL1VSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    After leaving my Wouxun KG-UV950P quad sitting there disconnected for the past few months, I plugged in the power cable and decided to give it another go at life a couple of days ago. Amazingly, it hasn't showed any of its nasty traits - Yet...!!! It did however overload on a few frequencies and let through some noise that didn't exist on the Yaesu FT-8800 on the same frequencies, with a much higher gain antenna, but with the 950P that is the very least of my problems. If it was like that all the time, I'd use it all the time.

    I wish I had the choice of the TYT 9800 at the time I bought mine...

    Al... (ZL1VSF)
  7. KC1DTS

    KC1DTS Ham Member

    I used the daily CHIRP and downloaded to CHIRP and saved that file as a backup. Then I closed out that window and re-downloaded radio to CHIRP and I added all the repeaters and all into that page and uploaded back to radio and it loaded fine. I am running windows 7. CHIRP works fine but is still being developed for THT, but it does work...
  8. WA6OFL

    WA6OFL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I bought one and my audio has some issues. It is too much garble on our repeater here in AZ. (145.170 -600 W/131.8 ctcss) I switched the freq. to left side of the radio and it works a little better.
  9. N3RSJ

    N3RSJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The TYT9800 manual programing easy.
    The 10 meter reciever bit noisy sq comes on quickly covers low signals.6,2,70 cm a-ok.
    The mic cord too short slingshots out you hand.
    The mic audio deep and foggy removed cloth in front mic element "better" Needs ext mic cable.
    Rx Overload on 2m only in city.
    Purchased a Wouxun 950 all is ok but the volume encoders sometimes get ghostly turned w volume vibration, then you here the "Beep" that vol was turned
    use extension speakers. Manual programing pain.
    Bottom line : 9800 & 950 are not a "ft 8900 yeasu needs open that 6, 10 m reciever up further but it performs best with no RX overload.
  10. M0PWL

    M0PWL XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have been using one of these rigs for over 12 months and when it works it a great rig. Unfortunately there are some bugs with my rig, the keys occasionally lock up. I can change to programmed channels but as none of the buttons work I cannot alter power, scan or change to the other side. It's also not possible to reset the rig as this has to be carried out by pressing a button while powering on. I first thought the locking up was caused by temperature but now thinking it is more likely power fluctuations.
    It have disassembled the rig to look for bad solder joints thinking this could be a reason for locking up but in general the quality of soldering is good. Well known components seem to have been used like Omron relays. I was impressed with the overall build quality. The optional separation kit is great, I have mounted the rig in the back well out of the way and have the control head mounted on a plate fixed up front. Audio output ithrough the inbuilt speaker is good although I do use an external speaker as well.
    Reports from others all comment that the modulation level and overall audio quality are good. I normally operate at low or mid power through my local repeaters through a Chinese quad band antenna. Measured output is as given in the instruction booklet on all bands but I very rarely use higher powers. The modulation does occasionally drop to a low level but generally comes back up after switching off for a while. Some users comment that the supplied mike sounds poor but I have not found this to be the case.
    If you get a good rig it does the job well but the Chinese QC is not upto the standard of the Japanese but there are a lot lower cost. I have sent several emails to TYT as I purchased direct, not again as replies either do not come back or take several weeks.
    De Mike - 2E0PWL

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