Two VU Hams successfully did QSOs via Six different FM Satellites in single day

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VU2EXP, Sep 11, 2020.

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  1. VU2EXP

    VU2EXP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Dear hams,

    We are enjoying AMSAT-UK OSCAR QSO Party from VU Land too. 9th September 2020 proved memorable day for myself Rajesh VU2EXP & Lucky VU2LBW from India.

    We successfully worked via Six different FM Satellites in single day from VU Land. It's personal record for us for such satellite activities in region. Some satellite were 18 year (SO-50) to 27 year (AO-27) old, which all favoured us.

    The list of satellite we worked through were AO-91 (0650Z), PO-101 (0830Z), AO-27 (1305Z), SO-50 (1514Z), AO-92 (1712Z) & ARISS - ISS (1714Z). That's all the satellites I am getting from my region (ML52jh) & have capabilities to work with my portable setup consisting pair of HT & Homebrew IOio Antenna!

    There were bit challenges like uncertainty of AO-92 switching to L mode or turning into safe mode during eclipse, some passes (AO-92 & ISS) were at the same time and in different directions, low elevation of 3° ISS pass at VU2LBW's end, power failure at partners end for some moments, possibility of raining which could have interrupted my portable operation etc! We did our best and continued chasing via each satellite & exchanged 59 reports from all 6 birds. So exciting experience for us. I am very thankful to VU2LBW for cooperating with lots of patience. I was on my portable setup operating from my terrace whereas I was benefited with decent setup of VU2LBW located at MK82tv.

    What a great memorable day!


    Rajesh Vagadia VU2EXP
    Regional Coordinator
    West India Zone
    Rajkot (Gujarat) India
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  2. W6NEL

    W6NEL Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Congratulations, that is very exciting
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  3. VU2EXP

    VU2EXP Ham Member QRZ Page


    Thank you Lawrence for your appreciation. Yes whole excercise was very exciting & full of knowledge. You don't know when Murphy will strike in such excercise.
  4. K7KB

    K7KB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Congrats Rajesh! On looking at your page, and your deep interest in space science and AMSAT, I'm not surprised you were able to accomplish this. Great job!

    John K7KB
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  5. VU2EXP

    VU2EXP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Dear John K7KB,
    Your appreciating words means lot to me!
    Indeed your qrz profile is equally impressive, you have almost everything one dreams for radio shack :)
    Nice set of Rigs, Beautiful Antenna, Wallpapers & also enjoyed being President of radio club! Wonderful ham history.
    Best 73 to you & Genny madam.

    de VU2EXP Rajesh
    -Namaskar from India

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