TS 430 Receive (my meter doesn't move)

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by KC9UNV, Aug 13, 2019.

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  1. KC9UNV

    KC9UNV Ham Member QRZ Page

    My Kenwood meter won't move on Receive, but works fine on transmit.
    Any ideas for me?

  2. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    What happens if you turn down the RF gain control all the way?

    Does the meter needle go upscale, or just stay at zero?
  3. N7EKU

    N7EKU Ham Member QRZ Page


    Idea already suggested...


  4. KC3SWL

    KC3SWL XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Is your receive coming back on after you stop transmitting? if it is sticking you might want to clean the relay. Google running 13.8 volts through the antenna input through a 50ohn? resistor to clean the relay. otherwise it's in the board
  5. K7TRF

    K7TRF Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Not sure you're still following this thread, but as others have posted above there are two likely possibilities and they're not mutually exclusive:

    - Your AGC circuit which is what adjusts receiver gain but also what drives the S meter is not working. The test of turning down your RF Gain control to see if the S meter rises up to maximum as RF Gain is turned down (it should) can tell you if the AGC circuit is working. If you turn the RF Gain control all the way down and the S meter does not rise then you either have a problem in the AGC circuit itself or perhaps just the circuit path to the front panel meter which could also be dirty relay contacts as the S meter is relay switched in during receive only and the meter is switched to other functions when transmitting.

    - You have excessive attenuation or lost gain somewhere in your receive chain which could be as simple as the dirty relay contacts mentioned above, problems with the receiver's attenuator, a bad gain stage like a bad front end preamplifier or something like that. If the AGC test above shows that the meter rises up to full scale when RG Gain is turned down but you still see no S meter movement when receiving when RF Gain is turned back up then it's likely you have excessive attenuation (or lost gain) in your receive chain.

    I guess one question that hasn't been asked is whether receive signals and band noise sound normal regardless of whether the meter moves. If you hear signals and band noise in what seems like a normal output level and those signals jump up in strength when the AGC is turned off then the receiver probably has adequate gain and the AGC loop is doing its job which narrows your possibilities to the actual meter driving circuit including the relay contacts used to switch the meter modes between transmitting and receiving.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019

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