Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by K5AR, May 26, 2007.

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  1. KC7YPJ

    KC7YPJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    no clue on how well they work or not from the users point of view, don't own one nor will I ever own one after everyone I have heard on 10m splattered a good 10-12k above and below (haven't noticed this problem on 20-40-80 though), they sound perfectly fine when your on the same frequency, the cb crowd on ch38Lsb sure do love em (yes I occasionally listen in with a seperate cb station for amusement purposes)
  2. M3FJU

    M3FJU Ham Member QRZ Page

    hi, iv had 2x2k and 1 2kx, the only real fault iv found is you have to run the pre amp on vhh/uhf, once you have set it up you should be fine, the 2k is dated, but again how much menu fiddeing do you want? i have found the 2k to be a good all rounder, hf is good, the audio with the hand mic is good,iv run the 2k base and mobile, and find it to be fine, ok as you know you will get better radios out there, but to me its the best shack in the box you can get, i found the icom good too, about the same on hf, i allways try to run kenwood rigs, and as much as you cant allways compare radios side by side, i found the 2k, as good as my 850s/at and my 950-sdx, well not has good but close, if it was my cash it would go on the kenwood all day long, as for the new kenwood, iv been hearing about a new one coming out for the last 4 years, but still we wait,and i dont think if kenwood bring out a new radio it will be a shack in the box, more like hf and 6,even if you buy the 2k and sell it on if the new one ever gets here, your re sale will still be close to what you paid for it, just look at all the reviews on the 2k, they all cant be wrong, to me the best all round radio you can buy, thanks tigger(m3-fju)
  3. N0DIT

    N0DIT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not long ago I had the opportunity to witness a TS-2000 and an IC-746 side by side on the air. IMHO, keep what you've got and save your money. And by the way if you do decide to unload the 746, just drop me a line.
  4. WA3ERQ

    WA3ERQ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    TS-2000....TNC question

    I'm looking at either the IC-756PROIII or the TS-2000. I know the Icom is rated higher, but what keeps getting my attention on the Kenwood is the built in TNC and Tuner.

    Are there any limitations or issues with the TNC? I saw somewhere (but I can't find it again) that the TNC has a limited memory. Is this something to really be worried about?


  5. PA5COR

    PA5COR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not an bad rig the TS2000
    I have the FT 847 Collins filters and several mods, like Schottky diode mod, fan mod and several others done by me the last 10 years i have it.

    50 Watts on 2/70 is enough, i have homemade 2 and 70 amps, 200 watts+

    More important as the rig is how your antenna system is ;)
  6. N7BUI

    N7BUI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've owned a few TS-2000's. The radio is a very versatile product and an owner can sample just about all aspects of ham radio with it. But the internal noise on HF is terrible and the band-pass diode mod is almost a necessity. It wasn't until I got brave enough to tackle the mod that I found what an improvement it really makes in the HF receive.

    The birdie on UHF is something that Kenwood has decided to just sweep under the rug and ignore. With the birdie on the down link side of popular satellites, it makes for some creative methods to hear the birds.

    I've still got one, but it sits on the shelf unused most of the time.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2008
  7. WC5B

    WC5B Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't own one, but I have operated one from time to time. I can tell you its not my kind of rig for the following reasons:

    1. So compact that its hard to get around. Most of the time you are hunting for some basic control then actually operating.

    2. Audio sound even through a external speaker is cheap and annoying. Rag Chewing can be an earful, and contesting can be a nightmare.

    3. DX'ing is a chore becouse its so hard to run split. It really is a one VFO operating kinda rig.

    4. Coming from a truck driver, it finds every noise interferance that it can and slams it down your ears.

    On a good note:

    1. Its the closest thing to an EVERYTHING rig thats out there.

    2. It will tune your cat if it decided to stick its tail in the right socket.
  8. KB1NCP

    KB1NCP Ham Member QRZ Page

    WHATS YOUR PREF... HF or the other stuff

    Well I am under the impression that most who love the ts2000 are into VHF/UHF and all of that computer operation. If that's your cup of tea you will also like it.
    I find the receiver on the HF bands to be lacking. The ts830, or the 870s are better. Someone mentioned the Ten Tec Jupiter that has a remarkable and unbelievablely quiet receiver.
    My TS2K not quite a year old has been back to Kenwood East for the Driver failures. Failure occured under one month. I woul'd advise you to join the yahoo user group for the rig and poke around. Well I bought it just to try it and compare it to all the others and it is not up to par. Also look at Sherwood Engineering Labs who have compiled test data.
    I think your 746 is a better rig. Tsk2000 has good audio, a lot of good features, but I am able to hear stations on other rigs I can not with the 2000.
    So Flame on if you will. I have over 15 different HF rigs as I find comparing and testing a big part of my ametuer hobby. Others have opinions and I shared mine.
    Good Luck Bill
  9. w6jer

    w6jer Guest

    I have owned my TS-2000X for about 3 year, it has worked great! not any problems. I get alot of great audio reports for other stations around the bands. I believe that for the money you can not beat it.

    Good Luck
  10. WB8UJB

    WB8UJB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    TS-2000/x Great Radio

    I've had my /x for two years now. No complaints or problems. I've worked more digital modes then ever before. I control the radio using MixW software for any digital stuff. Having all the bands available is really a great thing. After all this time, one complaint, more features then I will ever use.
    73, Bob WB8UJB :D
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