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TS-2000 power up issue

Discussion in 'Radio Circuits, Repair & Performance' started by G1KOT, Jun 27, 2020.

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  1. G1KOT

    G1KOT Ham Member QRZ Page


    Looking for some guidance or someone who has experienced something similar..

    I've got a TS-2000 and in general works a treat, mostly used on SAT work, but a while ago i had an issue where the radio would not turn on, this is .. it would power up display the "HELLO" and turn off, it would not register any reset commands/button pushes.. after some hand wringing. i found that putting 13.8v through it would cause the issue, and dropping power down to 12.8 the radio was happy and the issue was not seen.. (testing on multiple power supplies so it is radio related), so its been running like that for something like 6 months.

    Now its been happy running for some time like that, but as of today its decided enough's enough and gone back to the power up/off condition it had before, irrespective of the supply voltage.

    i'm happy to try and diagnose even if its SMD and deal, before having to send off to kenwood for service, (cost is the factor - honestly ill be eating dust on toast for a month) so any suggestions i can follow??

  2. KM4YTW

    KM4YTW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Check out TRX bench on you tube, i "think" he had that problem on a 2000. I know he has one like that on a yeasu ft847. Hes excellent teacher but talks slow due to being German.
  3. KM4YTW

    KM4YTW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Check this out, it has your exact problem.
  4. G1KOT

    G1KOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for the link, although the Ft seems to have been previously repaired for other reasons, it did get me think that the power on switching button could be a culprit.. after some testing I was able to get the radio back up (only once though) by
    1, turn on power supply
    2, radio displays “hello”
    3, immediately turn the radio off
    4, turn power supply off..

    now when I turn on the radio stays off - previously it was also auto turning on when power present from supply, like it hadn’t shut off properly.
    And “once” when I powered up as normal it behaved..
    But on repeated attempts it’s gone back to same fault..
    So maybe the power on/off switch circuit/relay is faulty??
  5. W4FBI

    W4FBI Ham Member QRZ Page

    check the male pins on the power connector (on the transceiver). They almost always need 'expanding'. You need an Awl tool to get them expanded. I've had a TS-2000 with this problem...
  6. G1KOT

    G1KOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi - thanks for the info - i converted a sim ejector ( sharpened the point ) and this was strong enough to expand the pins - but unfortunately still seems to have the same issue - appreciate the input, and hadn't thought of that before. ( also used another lead to mitigate any power lead issue )
  7. KM4YTW

    KM4YTW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I would think it may be something connected to the main control chip loading it down . It would take someone like clif to figure it out . If he would help.
  8. G1KOT

    G1KOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    well - i've dug out the schematic to see if i can understand how its all connected..

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  9. G1KOT

    G1KOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    off to the repair main to have a look, beyond my capabilities i think.. and no response from Kenwood UK about any service or repair options!! so ended up finding a reputable repairman.. fingers crossed

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