Trouble confirmation qso LoTW via QRZ.COM many qso duplicate in FT8 ???

Discussion in 'Logbooks & Logging Programs' started by F5SRH, Nov 2, 2019.

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  1. F5SRH

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    I looked at my qso LoTW meter, it explodes !! it's hard to explain I'll do the best I can not be alone with this problem.
    I use Ham radio luxury latest version. I update very regularly my direct contacts HRD via LoTW everything works perfectly. I also update my qso on QRZ.COM as a download from LoTW to the log, the problem is visible next when I ask for an update of my new contacts with HRD using LoTW from HRD it still validates me contacts that were validated earlier. If I look at the LoTW site there is now a second contact created with this time another qso start time and the inevitably it is taken as a new contact and now it is in duplicate. This problem is recuring in FT8, I think that the format of the hour is for something on QRZ.COM the format is HH.MM and on HRD the format is HH.MM.SS. I will attach the screenshots to better understand

    duplicate contact, W9RDJ, W3KM, K2IBM, KO8V......
    new contact YV5DRN entered on HRD, sends on LoTW then download from LoTW to HRD everything is normal for this first step.


    Download LoTW QRZ.COM ok. not corfirm YV5DRN for the moment LoTW.
    after waiting half a day I check if I have new contact confirmations on HRD using LoTW automatically. and this at this moment that the problem occurs. if I look at the YV5DRN contact by opening the * .ADI file it's easy to see that the start time of contact to changed the original is 18:43:30 and now it's in file * .ADI 18:43: 00 but why the seconds are not ok?

    New contact LoTW YV5DRN time 18:43:00 !!!!!!!

    Now a second line of qso YV5DRN created and not necessary, in addition the validation of the time is not on the line of the original contact which is 18:43:30.


    This concern only with the FT8 mode probably because of the time format. I hope someone will know who to contact to make sure we do not have duplicates on qso FT8.
    73's from F5SRH Olivier

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