Transworld(Daytron) TW100 1.5-30mc HF/AM/SSB/CW military transceiver

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by KB0SFP, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. KB0SFP

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    Sell/Trade Transworld(Daytron) TW100 1.5-30mc HF/AM/SSB/CW military transceiver

    Well sell Transworld(Daytron) TW100 1.5-30mc HF/AM/SSB/CW transceiver, $475. Bought it as a backup, now I have too many "backups".

    I'm in need of a all around good late model PRC-1099 ready for the air.
    Other US HF/SSB packsets are of interest.
    I'd also like to find a Cubic Ambassador (Astro D) also ready for the air.
    Need output transistors for my PRC-74 OEM preferred.
    Other small HF/SSB solid state transceivers like a Swan 100mx, or Atlas might also be considered.

    Have to trade:
    PRC-6, LB/VHF/FM HT operational.
    PRC-8, LB/VHF/FM complete packset.
    PRC-9, LB/VHF/FM complete packset.
    PRC-10, LB/VHF/FM complete packset.
    DF antenna for above.
    PRC-14, UHF/AM packset.
    PRC-21, HB/VHF/FM complete packset.
    PRC-25, LB/VHF/FM, complete packset.
    DF antenna for above.
    PRC-28, LB/VHF/FM, complete packset.
    PRC-32, UHF/AM, HT, downed airman.
    PRC-33, VHF/FM complete packset.
    PRC-36, LB/VHF/FM packset, experimental working.
    PRC-40, HB/VHF/FM complete packset.
    PRC-41, UHF/AM packset.
    PRC-47, HF/SSB/CW manpack set.
    PRC-58, HB/VHF/FM complete packset.
    PRC-61, HB/VHF/FM Motorola packset.
    PRC-64, HF/AM/CW complete set.
    PRC-68, LB/VHF/FM HT.
    PRC-71, HF/SSB, VHF/FM, VHF/AM, UHF/AM, all four transceivers.
    PRC-72, UHF/AM, RT-837.
    PPC-72, HF/SSB, RT-? parts.
    PRC-91A, HB/VHF/FM HT, complete set.
    PRC-108, HF/SSB/CW/AM backpack set.
    PRC-439, LB/VHF/FM Italian/Iraqi pack set.
    PRC-602?, LBVHF/FM HT Israeli Sylvania.
    CPRC-26, LB/VHF/FM complete packset.
    CPRC-510, VHF/FM complete packset.
    PRT-4, LB/VHF/FM HT transmitter.
    PRR-9, LB/VHF/FM mini receiver.
    TRC-77, HF/CW pack set.
    TRQ-30, HF/VHF/AM/CW/SSB/FM miniature 2 receiver system, Mil Intel.
    URC-54, UHF/AM manpack/vehicular complete set.
    URC-100, UHF/VHF AM/FM backpack set.
    FM-1, HB/VHF/FM HT, Hallicrafters "Village Radio".
    FM-1, HB/VHF/FM HT, Hammarlund "Village Radio".
    FM-2, LB/VHF/FM HT, Hallicrafters "Village Radio".
    FM-5, HB/VHF/FM packset, Hallicrafters "Village Radio".
    FM-7, LB/VHF/FM packset, Hallicrafters "Village Radio".
    HT-1, LB/VHF/AM HT Hallicrafters "Village Radio".
    HT-2, LB/HB/VHF/AM HT Hallicrafters "Village Radio".
    GRC-109, HF/CW complete pack set(spoken for)
    RS-6, HF/CW clandestine complete pack set.
    A-510, HF/AM/CW Aussie/UK SAS complete packset.
    Mk-128, HF/CW UK clandestine SAS complete packset.
    P-139, LB/VHF/FM Eastern European pack set.
    TR-PP-11, LB/VHF/FM HT Portugees/French.
    ER-79, LB/VHF/FM complete set French.
    SEM-52, LB/VHF/FM, HT complete set German/Iraqi.
    Stoner PMC-12, HF/SSB pack set.
    Motorola SA-220, HF/SSB pack set.

    BC-611F, HF/AM HT.
    DF antenna for above.
    BC-654, HF/AM/CW manpack.
    BC-721, HF/AM HT Airborne.
    BC-728, HF/AM packack/vehicular receiver.
    BC-1000, LB/VHF/FM backpack.
    BC-1306, HF/AM/CW manpack set.
    BC-1335, LB/VHF/FM packpack/mobile.
    TRC-2, as BC-1306 above Mil Intel.
    DAG, HF/AM/CW Mil Intel receiver.
    DAV-2, HF/AM/DF chestbackpack set.
    MAB, HF/AM chestpack set.
    MAY, UHF/AM manpack complete set.
    RBZ, HF/AM chestpack clandestine receiver.
    SSR-1, HF/AM/CW clandestine receiver.

    TW-100, Transworld HF/SSB/AM/CW Base/Mobile 24vdc.
    R-390, HF/AM/CW receiver.
    R-392, HF/AM/CW receiver.
    51J-4, HF/AM/CW receiver.
    KWT-6, HF/SSB/AM/CW transceiver.

    Other big heavy stuff also available including WW-II & later, some local pickup only.

    Contact me via email. Please NO PHONE CALLS!
    Don't ask me how much, if I wanted to sell it would be on Ebay. Trade only.

    Dennis Starks
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