Transit through China with a radio

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by G7NQL, Sep 2, 2017.

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  1. G7NQL

    G7NQL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'll be on vacation later this year. I'd like to run a mini expedition. I'll be transiting in China. I will have an operating license at the destination country.

    I understand there are strict rules about importing transmitters into China - what's the status of transiting through the airport and staying airside ?

    I'm considering posting my my KX3 to avoid potential problems, but will end up with the risks of sending it through the mail or perhaps just send the BITX40/20 which lowers my financial risk if posting.

    What are your ideas ?
  2. KC0BBT

    KC0BBT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Personally, I would contact the State Dept. and/or the Chinese embassy or a consulate, for advice.
  3. GM3ZMA

    GM3ZMA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Define "transiting".

    Where is your final destination?
    Will you be going outside the airport into China, or just changing aircraft?

    Jim GM3ZMA
  4. G7NQL

    G7NQL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Transiting, arrive in China, wait 2 hours for next plane, staying airside so not entering the country technically.
    I've contacted the airline already, I'll ask the China embassy too.
  5. GM3ZMA

    GM3ZMA Ham Member QRZ Page

    In that case, as your bags will be "checked through" to the final destination, the Chinese will have very little interest in what is in your baggage.

    I would advise that you put the radio into your checked in baggage rather than carry it as hand baggage.
    This is contrary to the advice often given here on QRZ, but in my experience of dragging a large PeliCase full of laptops and other electronic bits an pieces around the world, it may go missing for a few days, but it always caught up with me, contents intact.

    Where are you going for this holiday/DXpedition?

    Jim GM3ZMA
  6. G7NQL

    G7NQL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hong Kong and Japan. Not really a DXpedition, but I should get a few evenings/ days on the radio. It'll be good to get a few QSOs in asia.
    I normally hand carry my gadgets, but I can see the logic in leaving in checked luggage instead.
  7. WA7WJR

    WA7WJR XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    FYI...I transited Taiwan on my way to Vietnam about a week ago. I carried my K2, meter, antenna analyzer, headset, and key in my Mindshift backpack along with my camera gear without a problem (except USA). I also had no problem transiting Korea in the past.

    The only place the radio gear was even questioned was in the US where TSA has absolutely no clue and proceeds to take EVERYTHING out, and swipe it down. I decline their assistance in repacking and take my sweet time in doing so (I suspect from their occasional glances my slowness bothers them).

    This is contrary to Jim's advice, but I rarely put any electronics in checked baggage (I did put my RM Italy amp in check baggage this trip), and I don't use pelican cases...too heavy and too bulky to move around especially if moving to different locations.

    If you have a license, or copy of your license for your destination I'd advise taking it with you.

    Side note: The K2 fit perfectly inside a Temba camera accessory case, I am sure you can find camera cases for the KX3. I found various camera accessory cases to fit just about everything and neatly packed it in the top of my Mindshift Rotation 180 backpack.

    BTW...40 meters is full of Japan stations in evenings as per DxMaps, and I have been working 20 meters since Sept 1, with contacts in SE Asia and also QSO with Guam, Kuwait, and Russia. I am going to try 40 meters tonight to see if I can get a Chinese station.

  8. WA7WJR

    WA7WJR XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I need to update my previous post!

    Despite transiting Taiwan on my way to Vietnam with a sealed lead acid battery installed in my K2 transceiver without question, the trip back to ConUS was not a pleasurable experience. In Taiwan, they said lead-acid batteries are not allowed on airplanes. I explained it was a gel battery and could not spill. I took the top my K2 off, removed the battery from the tray for inspection, looked up the regs on and also showed them the Power-Sonic web that excepts sealed lead acid batteries by the IATA and ICAO. But, the Taiwan equivalent of the TSA still refused and reiterated sealed lead-acid batteries are prohibited in both carry on and checked baggage through Taiwan. The folks at EVA Airlines tried to assist at first, then agreed with Taiwan TSA folks, and a supervisor finally said they only allow this type of battery in medical devices.

    Long story short...I will at all costs avoid EVA Air and Taiwan when traveling in the future.

    Last edited: Sep 18, 2017
  9. W5BIB

    W5BIB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    "Murphy's Law" :rolleyes: - I hope your trip was 'otherwise' O.K. :)

    Steve / W5BIB
    WA7WJR likes this.
  10. WA7WJR

    WA7WJR XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks Steve, it was better than OK. I had a blast and I learned a lot!

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