Training Tapes for the Blind cont.

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, May 29, 2001.

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    KF6WTC writes "Some of you may remember that in January I asked for help finding tapes for a friend to study for his Amateur Radio Operator test. At that time I was introduced to Handi-Hams and I passed that info along to my friend.

    He contacted them and received the tapes and more information than he could handle. For the next few months I talked with him briefly and he just said, "Yeah, I'm listening to the tapes." I told him when he was ready I would be happy to read the questions to him and we could see how well he did. Last week he called me and said he would like to go over a few tests, which we did. He did outstanding. First test (which was an old one from before the restructuring) he got all of the ones right that he recognized. I told him the next time we did a test it would be from the current question pool. He got them all right. We had set up a time for this week to take another practice test..... well he called me Saturday and told me he took the test and PASSED. Missed only 3. I want to thank all of you who gave me the info and for Handi-Hams for being there! Also a special congratz to Roland! You da man! The demise of Amateur Radio? I think not.
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