Tommorow's Exam time

Discussion in 'Becoming a Ham - Q&A' started by KC2UGV, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. KC2UGV

    KC2UGV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was curious. Tomorrow, I sit for my ham ticket. I know I will pass the tech elements with no issue. Pretty sure about the general elements as well. Should I go ahead and take the general elements, or get my tech, and then learn the ropes a bit more before going for general?

    Just curious b/c if I go ahead with it tommorow, I save time (1.5-2 hours) and the $14 sitting fee. I'm not running out to get an HF rig (Well, maybe the QRP in a tuna can :) ), so I wont be using most of the general privileges. Thanks :) Cheers!
  2. AC0FD

    AC0FD Ham Member QRZ Page

    General Test

    If you pass tech I would take general, If you pass that try extra. Many people do this at the session I VE for.

    PS: I am an extra and still learning, it never stops

    good luck
  3. KT4W

    KT4W Ham Member QRZ Page

    Go for all you can. It doesn't cost any more and if you don't make General then at least you have experience on what to expect on the next test. If you do pass General then so much the better and then go for Extra.
  4. K3ACE

    K3ACE Guest

    Take 'em have nothing to lose. Good Luck!!
  5. W6ONV

    W6ONV Ham Member QRZ Page

    As a VE we always suggest to candidates who passed the Tech exam to take the General. What do you have to loose? You don't have to pay another $14 dollars and you can really only get a feel of what the questions are like if you have not yet gone through that element and studied. So yeah, take it!
  6. KD0ET

    KD0ET Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good luck with your exam. I went in and took the tech and general exams and passed both. I didn't take the extra exam as I was not offered. I would say go for it. What do you have to loose. Also, take the extra if you have the chance.
  7. K3ACE

    K3ACE Guest

    The doghouse video is great. I can only hope to work my way UP to the doghouse.
  8. KH6OWL

    KH6OWL Guest

    Take it all

    Take them both! I did, it saves the money and time. I think I saw something that the price is now 15 dollars.

    Good luck and let us know the outcome. I take the extra in Jan.
  9. KC2UGV

    KC2UGV Ham Member QRZ Page

    So, I took the resounding advice given here and took all three elements. I am waiting on the FCC to mail me my General Class License :D I didn't do so great on the Extra Class Element (One comment from the VE to another was "Come on, stop it with the pen now...")

    Thanks for all the help and advice. Can't wait to talk on the air with everyone :D
  10. KE6DON

    KE6DON Ham Member QRZ Page

    FWIW, I just got back from taking my Tech.
    Now comes the hard part waiting for the database to showup.
    I v heard about the increase in price, but it cost me $4.
    Nervous about taking the test, I forgot to ask about doing the upgrade while there.
    Asked VE what my score was and got a " ya missed a couple" reply and a smile.
  11. KB5IAV

    KB5IAV Ham Member QRZ Page

    If I were you, I'd go for everything at the session. If you pass Technician, take General and if you pass General, try for Extra, you never know.

    When I went to take my Technician and General exams back in 1989 when we still had a code test, I took the 20wpm and didn't pass, but I did pass the 13wpm. After passing written Technician and General, I took a shot at the Advanced class and missed it by 9 questions. That inspired me to study more and I passed the Advanced in August 1990.

    If you take every exam you are eligible for, you won't be penalized, but you may end up with a higher class license than you hoped.

    Good luck to you.
  12. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I really think it's time we merged the Tech and General back together again. The only reason the exams were split originally was that the no-code Tech exam would supposedly be 'beefed up' to compensate for the lack of a code test. Instead, they increased the scope of the test to include a lot of material that wasn't there before, meaning fewer questions on the core material. But it's still the same basic stuff. Ho hum... we've had several folks pass the General with little or no additional studying after our Tech class.

    Congrats on passing the exams and let's get on the air!
  13. KC2UGV

    KC2UGV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Which EchoLink node? I have yet to get my HF rig :D I wasn't really expecting to pass the General :) I guess the Radio Shack 300-In-One Kits and Military Service paid off :rolleyes:
  14. VK7GZ

    VK7GZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Congratulations on passing :) I always like reading threads such as this here :)
  15. K2EIT

    K2EIT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Welcome to ham, and congratulations on passing the exam!

    - JR / KC2UFP
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