Tierny and abuse of power

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KD7QYU, May 12, 2004.

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  1. KD7QYU

    KD7QYU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am a licensed general class amatuer operator My 11 year old son is also a general class operator and my wife is a technician class operator. We have had a family membership in good standing with the radio Club of Tacoma (W7DK), The oldest active radio club in america for over 2 years.
    Over the past two years I have been an active member of the (R.C.T), Participating in field day and W7DK at the beach. I have helped organize several contest operated at the (R.C.T) clubhouse and have acted as a liason between the (R.C.T.) Ares/Races and the Pierce County E.O.C. I actively participate in the clubs 2 meter net and their 10 meter net. I am also active in several local emergency nets and with the national traffic system.
    Also over the past two years, I have been out spoken about some issues at the club. I spoke up when it came to my attention that a Yaesu 847 that had been bought with club funds Two and a half years ago has never been put into operation. Rather it had been floating around from board member to board members home being used at each board members home for several months or more. One day the radio showed up at the club when I requested it be used for a contest I had helped to organize. When I opened the box and unpacked the radio I found that The radio had been dropped on its face and the V.F.O knob was broken. The radio was unusable. That was over one year ago. The Yaesu 847 is still not in operation at the club and no reasonable explanation has been provided as to why the radio has not been repaired and put into operation at the (R.C.T.)
    I am the first to admit, I came to amatuer radio via Citizens band radio. I am not ashamed. I am grateful for my experiences in citizens band radio! The C.B. introduced me to amatuer radio. After many many years of involvment with C.B. I learned that there is a much more sophisticated  radio art form out there called ametuer radio. I studied my rear off and pretty much left C.B. behind. Sure I listen once in a while and I even key up every now and then and have a short Q.S.O. usually just long enough to tell sombody a little bit about amatuer radio and how and where to study and take the exam.
    When I first became a ham I was the first of a rather large  number of C.B. radio operators in our area to become a ham and join the R.C.T. About six months after me and motivated by me I might add, eight more C.B. operators put C.B. behind them took the exam , became licenced and joined the R.C.T. There were however several C.B. operators that were not able to pass the technician exam and became bitter that they had been left behind. Over the next year and a half the W7DK repeater was attacked with carriers and 911 autopatch hang up calls. I personally fox hunted the most serious offender and worked very closly with the F.C.C. to put a stop to this renegade C.B. operators illegal activities. he was stopped! He was fined by the F.C.C. He was arrested by the local police who were also working with the f.C.C. he was put in jail on drug charges, had all of his radio eqiptment confiscated by the F.C.C. and after a meeting between myself, the F.C.C.,the chief of police, the city prosecutor, the Mayor and the renegade C.B. operators land lord, He was evicted from his home and run literally out of town. He has not been a problom ever since.
    The R.C.T. has its problem operators just like every other repeater group in the country! We have a couple of operators that can be very annoying sometimes. One of these operators has a high level of disability. He butts into conversations over uses the repeater and is constantly telling everybody about every shift he works on his job. Most of us know his work schedule better than he does. But he is a really nice guy. His heart is in the right place. He works hard to improve his operating skills and is actually better than anyone else that uses the R.C.T. repeater at making short contact and taking people off to a simplex frequency. He is active in local nets and does a great job as control operator in several of them. He is currently taking turns as control operator for our local ares/races emergency communications net.
    I have personally heard board members from the R.C.T. and control operators, very harshly chastise this man publicly on the air on the local repeater for minor infractions of the R.C.T. repeater ediquette. For such things as having a five minute Q.S.O. rather than the recommended two to three minute Q.S.O. This was Critisizm far to harsh for such minor infractions. I have personally witnessed Board members of the R.C.T. in board meetings say " so and so (using this disabled persons name) has such an irratating voice, We need to get him off this repeater. I can't stand listening to his voice!" I have also personally heard these same board members making the identical statements at several club open houses on saturday mornings in front of many club members.
    Three weeks ago following a R.C.T. 2 meter net, This disabled person made a call for my wife. Now my wife hardly uses the repeater at all. In fact she might use the repeater for a grand total of one hour per week if that much. This diabled person and my wife had about a two to three minute Q.S.O. when a control operator broke in on them and very harshly told them, " You two have been on this repeater for to long! This is not a rag chew repeater! it is for short contacts only! You two need to move to simplex and free this repeater up for other people who need to have important coversations!" My wife and the disabled person were very nice about it and simply moved to a simplex frequency after apologizing to the control operator. I on the other hand got an h.t. and listened on the W7DK repeater. What I heard next aqppauled me! That same control operator who had just publicly humiliated my wife and the disabled man made a call and carried on a Q.S.O. for the next 17 (I timed it) minutes. I bit my tounge and kept quite FOR NOW! The following Saturday my wife and I went to the R.C.T. for coffee doughnuts and fellowship with other hams. As soon as we arrived at the clubhouse we were greeted outside by the offending control operator. He pulled my wife aside, and I stayed close enough to evesdrop. I also had two other hams with me who heard the conversation between my wife and the control operator. The control operator said " I am sorry about the other night after the net! It was not about you! you and your whole familys operating practices are very good! This was about so and so (using the disabled persons name&#33[​IMG] But dont worry we are getting rid of him! Next week the R.C.T. will be giving him back his membership dues and asking him never to use the repeater again!" Now I was disgusted!!!! I walked over and said, "That is wrong! This person is disabled ! he is not malicious, he is not mean! He has not violated any F.C.C. rules or regulations. This is about the fact that he irritates you and his disability makes you uncomfortable! He should be Elmered not kicked out of the club!" At this point I knew That I had to leave before I lost my cool. So I took my wife by the hand and we left and went to the local swap meet. My wife and I walked around for hours trying to decide if we should tell this diabled person what had just been said to us.Later that day I heard another club member on a different repeater and asked him to go simplex with me. I told the story of what had been said at the Radio Club of Tacoma just hours before, He Was also appauled! I told him, If the board of directors does take this unwarranted action against so and so (using the disabled persons name) I might consider asking for my membership dues back as well and cutting ties with the R.C.T." Now keep in mind, I said "IF they take this action I MIGHT ask for my membership fees back and cut ties with the R.T.C." I never said as a matter of fact to a board member verbally or in writing that I wanted my membership dues back or that I wanted to cut ties with the R.C.T.
    This past Thursday night I recieved a phone call from a non club member who is the cousin of a Board member. He told me that a closed door meeting of the board of directors had been called the night before and that the topic of discussion was kicking myself and the disabled person out of the Radio club of Tacoma. I asked "why do they want to kick me out?" He stated that they wanted to kick me out because I supposedly asked for my membership fees back and stated that I wanted nothing to do with the R.C.T. And that I am the cause of the jamming of the repeater because I used to be a C.B. radio operator. Now I just thought to myself I am really dealing with a bunch of idiots! I was more bewildered than angry, in fact I was kind of shocked that I was'nt angry. In fact my wife keeps asking me now " Why arent you angry?" and I tell her I cant be angry with ignorance and fear. It's as if the board of directors is afflicted with a desease, A cancer!
    To try and make a long story short, The board of directors voted unaniomously to kick me out of the R.C.T. and to not kick out the disabled person, (Good for him) At least I was able to discourage the board from kicking him out.
    This action by the Radio Club of Tacoma Board of Directors is nothing more than tierny and a abuse of power! left to thier own devices this current board of directors will turn The Radio Club of Tacoma into thier own private country club of snobs! The way they are acting is no different than the idiots on the Childs band Radio. Just a little more sophisticated. In fact its actually more underhanded than anything I have ever seen on the C.B. At least the C.B'ers will tell you on the air that they hate you and want you gone. At least they have the guts to say it to your face and dont hide behind closed doors to get rid of you when you do not fit in to thier click. Which brings me to my final point. If I supposedly requested that my membership fees be returned to me and that I wanted to cut ties with the Radio Club of Tacoma, Then why the big secret? Why hide behind closed doors away from the general membership?
    Maybe the Radio club of Tacoma should give me a placque commemorating me, as the first person in 100 years to be kicked out of the Radio Club of Tacoma.

    Jud Morris   kd7qyu  [​IMG]
  2. WA5KRP

    WA5KRP Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm sympathetic, but you really need to ask yourself if you are better off walking away, or trying to change things from within. Pissing contests and rants accomplish very little.

    Good luck. Don't let a few misguided <bleep> take your eyes off the ball. You're better than that, right?


  3. KD7QYU

    KD7QYU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes I am better than that! I dont intend to get in a pissing match that would get me nowhere. But I do intend to fight this based on principal. Thanks for the support.
    Jud kd7qyu [​IMG]
  4. WA5KRP

    WA5KRP Ham Member QRZ Page

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (KD7QYU @ May 11 2004,21:26)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Yes I am better than that![/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    I thought so. You have the upper hand in this, but it's tricky to play it out. It all smacks of politics. The disabled guy may have baggage you have no knowledge about........careful.


  5. KC7MTN

    KC7MTN Guest

    In 1995, I joined the Tacoma Radio Club, attended one meeting at the local library, where the general meetings are held....I thought it was pretty cool, until I went to the club house, and felt like I wasn't even there, that is invisible. I didn't feel very welcome as a new member. The club is so very clickish, and the few times I have returned, it has been the same, a place to go socialize where no one is very sociable. I feel uncomfortable there, and as a result, never renewed my membership.
    I have no doubts that it is like you say, and know that the ones you speak of are very capable of all you say, after listening to them on the club repeater over the years..
    Hope you succede in embarrasing the ones responsible by telling it like it is.
  6. N0OV

    N0OV Guest

    Is this a non-profit club?

    If so, do the board members have any idea what legal problems they could be causing themselves and the club members because of this stupidity?

    You have a tough decision.

    As for their idiotic view on CB -- if every club kicked amateurs out who used or owned a CB radio before they got their ticket there would be very few folks left to operate the bands.
  7. K0WVM

    K0WVM Ham Member QRZ Page

    &quot;Shop around&quot; (as much as I hate to say that) and find a club that will treat you with more dignity and feels they need you.

    I had that with club back in Goldsboro, North Carolina. They were as friendly and as helpful as any I had come across.
  8. KD7QYU

    KD7QYU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I do believe that the time has come to look for another club. Because this type of attitude is not congruante with the spirit of amatuer radio. But I also feel that as a conciencious amatuer radio operator that I must win back my membership and stay active in this club in order to keep this board of directors in check. There has to be sombody around who is not afraid to stand up for what is right. Otherwise as I stated in my article, &quot;This club will turn into the board of directors personal country club of snobs.&quot; And the oldest active amatuer radio club in this great nation will go the way of the dinosours. [​IMG]
  9. KA3RFE

    KA3RFE QRZ Member QRZ Page

    Time to walk away, shaking the dust off your feet as you go.

    73, Pete KA3RFE
  10. AD7BK

    AD7BK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am not taking any sides with this. My own personal experiance with the club is I stay with those I talk to and stay away from those who don't talk to me. I admit my operating practices are not top par, I do admit I do jump in, but I am stoping that, I hardly use the repeater anymore I go elsewhere I take a person off to either a simplex frequency or if I am portable/mobile I take them off to a diffrent repeater.

    Sigh, alas I thinks I am changing my mind about using Amateur radio
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