Threat to Amateur Radio 23cm band

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by G4TUT, Aug 17, 2019.

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  1. K4RGN

    K4RGN Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    One anecdote: some 4G products don't live within the spectral mask that they're supposed to. In one country I'm aware of, 4G spilled across the 2 MHz guard band that the regulator had created and interfered with a terrestrial TV channel so much that stations had to be moved down in frequency. The 4G operators then had the nerve to ask the regulator to use part of the now-widened guard band. And the regulator said yes, demonstrating just how much clout the mobile operators have. After all, governments around the world are getting big money for spectrum from companies that can make enormous profits from it.

    5G actually is more than 4G LTE plus marketing hype, but I agree that competition for spectrum 400 MHz to daylight will increase.
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  2. SM0AOM

    SM0AOM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Another anecdote:
    In one country I am aware of, regulators assigned 4G LTE spectrum without any guard-band directly adjacent to the down-links of traffic-safety critical datalinks.
    Reportedly, the assignment was done by lawyers...

  3. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wind mills are periodic and filtering their power spectrum in the frequency domain is pretty easy. End of THAT clutter issue....
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  4. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Its important to accept that recent planned grabs for spectrum are not anecdotal but concerted efforts based on the --observation-- that ham allocations are "sparsely used".

    What's shocking is NOT that these efforts have arisen, but that we act almost totally clueless when they come to light.

    If you want to save spectrum, you've got to show that the spectrum is being used and is NECESSARY for the Part 97 mission in the US.

    Don't kid yourself--

    Do you NOT think the the drivers behind the wireless revolution are dominated by licensed hams??

    Hams are the driving force for ALL things wireless, but our failure to showcase our talents and USE our spectrum are what's allowing this.

    Just look at the HF spectrum today, right now 90% of activity on each band is drawn into a 3 KHz 'channel' for FT8/4....

    How do you expect those who side with us to explain and defend that?

    Execute MISSION.

    The ham allocations are not a national park for electron non-thermal bremstrahlung. They are assigned highways that need TRAFFIC.

    Chip W1YW
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  5. WQ4G

    WQ4G Ham Member QRZ Page

    The Europeans want their own GPS system. Despite it's redundancy. Why not use the system already in place?

  6. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    GPS is fundamentally a US DOD property. It can be encoded, if needed, and even jammed. Having a non-Russian alternative makes a lotta sense.
  7. SM0AOM

    SM0AOM Ham Member QRZ Page

    There have been at least three reasons for the EU to design and implement Galileo:
    1. Galileo is a generation newer than GPS, and can provide improved accuracy and
      enhanced services
    2. It is under entirely civilian auspices, it is neither funded nor
      controlled by military interests
    3. Being independent, it may provide improved redundancy and resilience for critical functions
    It will however be interesting to see what the UK may do after Brexit, maybe an "IPS" or "Imperial Positioning System" could evolve. :)


  8. VK3VM

    VK3VM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    There is a big point here... and I'll answer this with an anecode....

    They say that if you put 3 Amateurs in a room that you will get 30,000 divergent views. Then a brawl will break out !

    Most if this has come as a result of poor, short-sighted, individualistic people-neglectful leadership in AR.

    Most of this has been a result of the IARU just being a (member funded) cigar smoking talkfest rather than an effective international body - with a seat on the ITU and not just observer status - that can BAND-AMATEURS-INTERNATIONALLY into homogeneous blocs.

    Time to band together and WORK TOGETHER if we want to save both 2m and 23cm.

    Time to harness an effective invigorated IARU that can harness Amateurs INTERNATIONALLY to band together to work on and solve local issues... and not just international issues

    i.e. Some nations such as Australia do not gave access to some band segments such as 3700 - 3768 KHz ... soooo ... what about encouraging Amateurs to use band segments that Australian Amateurs do not have access to in order make this spectrum useless and unattractive for anything but Amateur use?

    Time to put the egos and self-interests aside and sack the cigar-smokers living in long-gone glory days. Its time to put in genuine listeners and people with skills that can advance or collective requirements.

    It may also be time to use professional communication lobbyists rather than thinking that we can do it properly ourselves...

    [ As to this argument: The answer to this issue is SIMPLE ... If AR Activities provide threats to Galileo then it demonstrates significant vulnerabilities of/to Galileo ... There should be technical solutions employed to make it more RESILIENT rather than able to be brought down by simple Amateur activities. I have used this argument REPEATEDLY in research that I have been involved with in order to protect Amateur Spectrum from (in particular) Defence interests ... and this argument WORKS !!!! ].
  9. N3HGB

    N3HGB Ham Member QRZ Page

    How many hams use 23 CM?
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  10. K4RGN

    K4RGN Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I agree with respect to spectrum above 400 MHz. Not much of an issue below that.

    I disagree. Whether it's cordless phones, 2G/3G/4G/5G, digital TV, WiFi, GPS, or Bluetooth, the push has come from industry and to a lesser extent from the universities -- but not from hams. Yes, some of those folks are hams, but only a small fraction.

    It's not ours; it's the public's, administered on their behalf by the FCC. We are licensed to use it subject to rules that can change at any time without our approval.

    I don't know that it's 90%, but it's a lot. At least it's innovation. For various reasons, the rest of HF traffic today uses the same technologies that were around in 1970 when I got my Novice ticket. There has been some digitization in VHF/UHF, but there is still a lot of wideband FM (and repeaters that get little use throughout the day). Those who would like to take 420-450 MHz are aware of our inefficient use of spectrum.

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