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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Amplifiers' started by W8JI, Dec 30, 2011.

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  1. AG6K

    AG6K Guest

     I test transmitting tubes for oiher Amateur Radio operators gratis if they pay the return postage. The most common tube failure I saw in 2011 was filament bending in 3-500Zs. This type of failure can be fatal to the not-fused filament xfmr in the SB-220 and TL-922s unless they have the R-cutoff bias mod. When I posted a photo of a bent/shorted to the grid 3-500Z filament, the thread was closed. The only person that benefited from this censorship would be someone who professes that filament bending is a tube mfg defect instead of what the crime-scene evidence indicates caused the filament to bend and short.

    As I see it, if this discussion group thwarts helping Amateur Radio ops correct cost-recurring design errors in their amplifiers, it's time to move on.
    • Rich, ag6k

  2. K7JBQ

    K7JBQ Moderator Volunteer Moderator QRZ Page


    I grow weary of the mis-use of the term "censorship." No one is being censored here.

    When any thread devolves into ad hominem arguments, we pull the plug. How that is difficult to understand is somewhat boggling.

    As long as a thread sticks to the "issues," we moderators are fine with it. It is not our job to determine who is right and who is wrong; it is simply to keep decorum to an acceptable level.

    Bill, K7JBQ
    One of the moderators
  3. WA4OTD

    WA4OTD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Threads are also closed based on age, so after so long a thread is closed automatically I believe. When I go back to old threads of mine they will be closed for no particular reason.

  4. AG6K

    AG6K Guest

     that one was locked up within hours. • Rich, ag6k

  5. AG6K

    AG6K Guest

     Preventing people from commenting is what then?

    Does this JPG of a bent filament touching the grid look like an ad hominem to you Bill?
    Do you believe that this is the way the 3-500Z was when it passed final test at Eimac?
    Do you believe that it's "nonsense" that filaments can be bent by VHF parasites?
    • Rich, ag6k
  6. AG6K

    AG6K Guest

     Are those who stonewall legit questions credible?
    • Rich, ag6k
  7. AF6LJ

    AF6LJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you should find that a thread you started is being hijacked you can report the poster by clicking on the triangle symbol in the lower left hand corner of the post. All that is required is a good reason.
    The mods will delete the content of that post and give a reason for doing so.

    If you use the system properly it works.

    Sadly the places where there is no moderation over time degenerate into slug fests.
    I remember a day when the radio forums on USENET were civil that day is long gone.
  8. AG6K

    AG6K Guest

     SUE - The problem was not caused by a member of the group. • Rich, ag6k

  9. AG6K

    AG6K Guest

     This Amateur Radio amplifier discussion group is the only one I have encountered where threads get locked up by a higher power instead of falling off the reader interest carousel.
    • Rich, ag6k
  10. AG6K

    AG6K Guest

     It works properly on an amp discussion group only if the moderator/censor is technically knowledgeable and he is not a groupie on a mission to defend his master.

     Yahoo ham_amps was started by a number of people who critiqued Tom Rauch's gaffes on AMPS and got banned for it. Yahoo ham_amps has no moderation whatsoever. It is alive and well and no thread has ever been blocked. I was member #2 on ham_amps.

     If you were around for the Grate Parasitics Debate you would have heard Tom's groupies accuse me humping my helper girl after W7WS published his measurements of VHF suppressors.
    cheers Catwoman.
    • Rich, ag6k
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