\"This Idea may have Merit???\"

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by NN6EE, Jan 23, 2002.

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  1. NN6EE

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    A guy that I know was talking on 2m. FM this morning about how the Amateur licensing/Exam procedure could be even more stream-lined than it is now, he suggested that instead of people being made to study for amateur radio Priveleges why not hinge the type license that a person may want on only the PRICE of the rig??? He suggested for a NO-CODE TECHIE just buy a cheapy HT or what have you, then for General you'd have to spend over $800, and for EXTRA class privileges you'd have to spend $2000 or above, and that with each rig you bought they would provide a CALL printed on the warrantee card, so all you would have to do is mail it IN with postage prepaid!!! Since were always told that Ham Radio is ONLY A HOBBY let's, by God, make it really easy to get on the air!!! No discrimation here!!! And if need be the Government would give the prospectiVE applicant a sizeable GRANT if he or she was poor!!! So No learning CW and no STUDYING theory either!!! HOTDOG, WHAT A CONCEPT???.........JD/nn6ee

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