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They're misunderstood. They're often misused. Are they tuners? No! They're transmatches!! :)

Discussion in 'Videos and Podcasts' started by WB9QVR, Nov 11, 2021.

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  1. WB9QVR

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  2. WI9LL

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    I appreciate the technical aspects of this video. I do not feel that you are wrong in any aspect of this topic and I typically try to just refer to them as matchboxes. They ARE however marketed and sold under the name "tuner" so I feel it is still appropriate to call them tuners. The gripe should never be with the operators themselves, but only with the companies that started labelling them tuners from the beginning. As for using it in the shack with coax, They most all have a coax output on the back, and people use them this way because they work to allow antennas to operate on different bands. No it's not ideal. Yes it's lossy. But it works for what they need it for. To get out on another band and protect your radio from reflected power. In a situation where one needed or wanted to get out on a band their antenna did not work on natively, no one is going to say "Nope, too lossy, think I'll swap out my antenna system every band change". It's one of those times where the convenience of how things work in practice outweighs the limits that theory says should be put on it.
  3. K7JBL

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    I know a few electricians who'll get upset if you call a lamp a "light bulb." Their typical comeback is, "You plant bulbs in the ground."


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