\'They all do it.....\"

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by Guest, Jan 11, 2002.

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    Oh my! The defense of the 'It all depends on what your definition of 'is'.. is!' ;-)

    "They all do it.." Really? Please provide your evidence to support such an all-encompassing statement, if you wouldn't mind. I'm part of the 'they' you refer to since I hold an Amateur license and I don't do it. Why? As one poster noted.. I can go all over 10M and everywhere else my license priveledges permit and enjoy many modes, power up to the legal limit, all with confidence and knowing I'm 'OKwith the rules'. So why put myself in jeopardy by 'doing it'.

    As to the contention that they are all good folks on CB.. again. Please provide justification for that statement. It is no more true than saying 'all hams are good folks', we have our share of 'nutjobs' too.

    THE MAIN SEPARATOR is that Hams are proud (by and large) of their callsigns (most view it with more pride than their own name, I think <Grin>) and enjoy letting people know who they are by identifying. Plus, the cultural norm in Amateur Radio is that certain words, phrases, and activities have become proscribed or restricted either by law, or more normally, by self-directed inhibiting actions on the part of the community that the Amateur Radio operator lives within.

    That is why you find those who like to violate the written and unwritten rules of the road so vehemently commented upon and viewed with disdain.

    Most CB'ers who use it to yak and chat are normal. They affect some of the mannerisms, but that's because what theyhear and receive as the 'norm of the mode' is what they accept as the acceptable. So they emulate it. The ones who take license to cuss, QRM, run power, and do all the things that have come to be known as 'Typical Chicken Band behaviour' do so because they enjoy the anonymity that their lack of identifying monikers provides them.


    Chuck K3FT

    Fortuntately, I have over the 33 years I've been around met a lot of CB'er who are darn nice folks and really do behave themselves. It's the 10% losers that paint the rest as being 'foul mouthed, overpower, illegal operating, tweetybird using, ne'er do wells who couldn't give a rats butt about anyone but themselves'.


    Contact: k3ft@amsat.org
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