The Yaesu YSK-891 Remote Head Mount Is Stoopid

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by K7WFM, Feb 13, 2018.

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  1. K4PDM

    K4PDM Ham Member QRZ Page

    If that bracket is all you got for your $70, better find out where the cables are that were supposed to come with it.
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  2. K7WFM

    K7WFM Ham Member QRZ Page

    No no. Got the cables too. My gripe is with the cheesy bracket.

    It appears the cables are exactly like the YSK857 cables. I hope they are compatible as I have those pre-routed in our RV. I will try hooking the FT891 up to the existing 857 cables today and report back.
  3. WA3QGD

    WA3QGD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Perhaps the design had to consider the placement near an active energy absorption device and it's apparent "Flimsy" nature is actually a clever FACE FUSE so when involved in that multi car mass casualty incident a reverse Yaseau on the forehead wont be part of a lasting impression on that next Takata air bag deposition.Stay safe and remember your not in total control of that car or truck with one hand on the wheel.
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  4. K7WFM

    K7WFM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Mercifully, I can now confirm the YSK-857 and YSK-891 Separation Kit cables for Control Head to RF unit, Microphone to RF unit, and CW to RF unit are the same.
    So, three cables and a flimsy piece of metal from Yaesu is $70.
  5. N5NXZ

    N5NXZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well they did at least throw one of those in with it.
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  6. KF5FEI

    KF5FEI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sounds like they've adopted Icom's thinking on "accessories" pricing. Too bad the head mount isn't like the one for the FT-7900 or the TM-D710.
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