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The Top 2 Issues EVERY IC-7610 owner needs to check for.

Discussion in 'Videos and Podcasts' started by VK3BL, Jun 1, 2018.

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  1. WB0TYZ

    WB0TYZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sent my 7610 back on 9-18-19. Purchased 6-24-19 because of burn in. SN#12003887. No word as of 10-5-19.
  2. NN6EE

    NN6EE Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    HMMM??? Say Larry, I guess I'm one of the LUCKY ONES since I've owned mine since "FEB. 2018"!!! Absolutely (NO ISSUES), so far??? :-/
    But really from what a number of guys out here have commented that "ICOM" wouldn't DO ANYTHING to correct the issue is in my opinion simply "BS" in that ALL gear manufacturers are always VERY KEEN on having all their gear trouble-free and KEEPING CUSTOMERS HAPPY, especially as "REPEAT CUSTOMERS"!!!
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  3. WW7F

    WW7F Ham Member QRZ Page

    Icom seems to have had that problem since they first made transceivers with display screens , IC 756 series all the way, from IC 756 non pro on up.Although there were some aftermarket replacements for a while was about $300 or so to replace it at the time. I am hesitant to get a newer generation rig as it seems they are far from solving this issue,and like the 756 series, how many of the displays were made for spares or production use? When those run out buyers and owners will be SOL for replacements if no after market solution is to be had. OT but I'd love to find a replacement for my 756 non pro. 73 also :)
  4. NN6EE

    NN6EE Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Dear Michele,
    I don't doubt your statement "One-iota" :) Most of we "HAMS" ultimately want to spend a good deal of money if we have it to try and get the BEST (or BANG-FOR-THE-BUCK) that we can, but the MANUFACTURERS should also be cognizant of "it's our money", so give us a "QUALITY PRODUCT"!!! OR? WE'LL SHOP ELSEWHERE!!!
  5. K8XG

    K8XG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Look at the problems of the 1987 [?] Kenwood TS-940S? Dead key 120 watts CW from it's 50 volt supply but only able to get 45 watts PEP on sideband in the early models? I had one as a second owner 10 years ago as in 1987 that radio cost $2750 which would be 10 grand today. If you research, many of the costly high end radios have had problems over decades, and most but not all Manufacture did fix them. For Example Yaesu had the Performance Enhancement Plan that fixed issues from the early 2000, 5000, and 9000s etc.

    I had to do an aftermarket fix to my TS-940S' lack of SSB power. My Current IC-7300 exhibits full power in CW and Digital modes, but average SSB talk power is very low. Only way to see 100 pep is to use the most promiscuous MFJ Giant Swing PEP meter. If I put audio into the USB port for SSB like Sherwood's tests did, it is full power average. The ALC on the MIC port is common for ICOM to Nanny., Tests for SSB should be from the MIC port, not the data USB ports.
  6. WA2TP

    WA2TP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I am now looking into getting a 7610 with the recent price drops and I am curious if the screen issue was ever resolved. While Icom has acknowledge the heat sink issue on their web site with a technical bulletin, they have not publicly acknowledge the display burn in issue even though there are many who have experienced it. The 3k price tag, while very attractive, makes me skeptical that they have resolved this issue. I had read somewhere that a group was planning a class action lawsuit but I do not know if that ever gained traction.
  7. M6YPA

    M6YPA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Adrian from England, I have just bought a brand new 7610 and in less than 1 month my Icom has already suffered the screen burn, I am pretty surprised to see they are still suffering with this issue, I know it will be exchanged for me but I still worry that the next one will suffer it too, when I bought it it had the latest firmware installed, I will post up if my next one suffers also.... Very disheartened with it to be honest. posted 5th September 2020
  8. N0YPD

    N0YPD Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Just an FYI,the Icom 7410 and 9100 had screen problems to.

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