The price of keys

Discussion in 'Straight Keys - CW Enthusiasts' started by N2SUB, Feb 13, 2018.

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  1. N2SUB

    N2SUB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

  2. VA3VF

    VA3VF Guest a guy I know used to say in a different context, you can ask for it, and will likely be slapped 9 out of 10 times, but that one 'yes' will make up for it. :D:cool::p;):):rolleyes:
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  3. VE7PJR

    VE7PJR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Done just exactly that, a time or two. Friend of mine gave me a bag of old keys a few years back. Some NOS, others well used. I saved the J-36 for myself. :D There was five or six Speed-X keys of various types, and all of them got sent to younger hams I knew who were learning the code.
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  4. VE7PJR

    VE7PJR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Multiple factors. One of them is that the ops who are learning code are not doing it because they HAVE to. Instead, they're adding a skill they value simply for its own sake. Along with that comes a desire to have a "good" key (whatever that means...). As Novices we had keys because it was that or nothing. Some of us had pretty good keys, others had whatever they could get for a buck at the Army-Navy Store. There weren't as many artisan key makers then as now. I like to think the overlap years when telegraph was on the way out and radiotelegraph was still booming were pretty good for choice, but after that things got pretty quiet. Until, that is, a bunch of hams decided that code was cool and then wanted some "shack jewelry."

    I was talking with a ham friend in Europe the other day, and he was talking about his personal passion for high-end keys. He's got nothing against Begali and thinks Piero's work is very good, but he personally likes "small-batch, hand made, artisanal" keys that are quirky, rare and not all the same as each other. I came THAT close --><-- to buying a Begali but diverted the money into a couple of keys that needed a little TLC. I'm happy with that decision.
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  5. KB4MNG

    KB4MNG Ham Member QRZ Page

    4 head vcr for $150, wow! I was given first generation lap top by some obscure manufacturer. When plugged in, the battery was doa, all you would get is a little cursor flashing. For kicks, I put it on ebay, it was unreal what it sold for.....
  6. N2SUB

    N2SUB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I posted a picture of one of my keys on Facebook, and a tattoo artist friend said he would kill for it. Evidently they make great pedals. The guys trick them out and put them to work...there's a bigger market than you might think.

    23559444_1760367070648232_9120749228006256600_n.jpg 23559776_1760365953981677_9044200962671888762_n.jpg 23621173_1760366657314940_5097768130725306774_n.jpg
  7. N2UHC

    N2UHC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't know why anyone would put a Krugerrand on a cheap Japanese ball bearing key.
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  8. KB4MNG

    KB4MNG Ham Member QRZ Page

    The coin is ultra cool on that key. Whats the value of it?
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  9. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    The coin is a South African, 1 oz. solid gold. Today, worth over $1000.

    I just realized the true value of keys. I have an old Steinway piano, which I play almost every day. It has 88 keys and is worth about $7500, so it's worth $85 per key.

    I won't pay more than $85 for a key.:)
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  10. KN4OK

    KN4OK Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    All I can say is try the smaller hamfest. You might have a better chance at a better deal. GL dit dit
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