The PC world is changing and you have no real control.

Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by K7MEM, May 22, 2021.

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  1. W2SGM

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    Hidden costs in running your own email server (especially when using something like Digital Ocean or a VPS/virtual machine) include the responsibility of the sender reputation, and the frustrating experience of being unable to get emails through certain spam filters or ISPs. They often have no incentive or desire to help when you get stonewalled. Sometimes your messages can fail to make it to your recipient's inbox, and you would never even know it.
  2. K1SZO

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    So many people love GoDaddy. I remember back in the day hearing people register their domain with GoDaddy only to find out that GoDaddy would OWN that domain and you couldn't leave without buying the domain from them.

    Yeah, I don't use Go Daddy, nor any of their other companies. I used to use WebFaction because it supported Python hosting. A Go Daddy company bought them and I shut it down.

    Nope, not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent.
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  3. WD0BCT

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    I may as well come right out and say it here....I believe Computer web sites are hazardous to your health!! :D
  4. K6CLS

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    GoDaddy CEO is a morally reprehensive person. Hunting leopards and elephants? Really?? He thinks there are too many, not true, elephants are nearly endangered.
  5. K8DO

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    OP , free is not free - ever.
    Even paid service is not a guarantee.
    You would have had to have a commercial contract with G-D written by a real philly lawyer to protect yourself from this - and likely G-D would never never ever sign a document that obligates them to live up to the terms of said contract.
    They exist only to line their pockets, not yours.
    An education is only worth what it costs you.
    Because free is never free.
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