The Official "Show Us Your Shack" Thread

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N0AMT, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. N9NAY

    N9NAY Ham Member QRZ Page

    3.6 roentgen, not great, not terrible
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  2. N4GKS

    N4GKS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Guy I worked for many years ago had a box of them for civil defense.
  3. KI2H

    KI2H Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Xiegu X5105 connected to a Xiegu XPA125B to Alpha J-Pole Jr.
    Surface Go
    Domestic HAM cat supervising.

    Attached Files:

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  4. G3ZPF

    G3ZPF Subscriber QRZ Page

    Supervising? LOL
  5. KG5UN

    KG5UN Ham Member QRZ Page

  6. KC2YME

    KC2YME Ham Member QRZ Page

    My get a way
  7. KC2YME

    KC2YME Ham Member QRZ Page

    IMG_20180418_015127359.jpg My get away from wife shack lol
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  8. W4RAV

    W4RAV Ham Member QRZ Page

    About the same as it's been for a couple of years now...


    DC to about 2ghz, all-mode/band reception.

    Gave up on transmitting a couple of years ago. Done all I wanna and the more interesting stuff is outside the ham-bands anyway.

    Next "upgrade" is the Airspy Discovery:

    Real radios don't need knobs. :)
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  9. KQ9J

    KQ9J Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Love the "Ham" sitting on top of the power supply!
  10. N5EIT

    N5EIT Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    This was thrown together for the evening!!

    My dog and I are living in my childhood home while I remodel the whole place. We’ll be there for at least a year and I may permanently move in. This is my current station. I’ll be installing the KXPA100 soon and I also plan to do some serious antenna stuff. The house is 48 feet long and rectangular. I’m putting up two 60’ masts on each end of the house. They’ll be 5 feet in the ground with concrete. I’ll string a 30m (around 46 foot 3 inch) EFHW between them, so it’ll be about 55 feet AGL and horizontal... I hope to be putting out a great signal on 30m very soon.

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