The Official "Show Us Your Shack" Thread

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N0AMT, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. N7KO

    N7KO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Neat an simple, I like it.
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  2. AE5SB

    AE5SB Ham Member QRZ Page

    How RIGHT you are!
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  3. W1VTP

    W1VTP Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is my AM station. Top left is my Collins 75A2. Below that is my legal limit pulse width modulated class E transmitter. Receiver is a Flex 1500.

    Bottom right is the companion to the 75A2, a Collins 23V1 modified for HIFI operation. The shelf center (left on shelf) is my audio processing including a Samson S-curve 31 band EQ with an Orban Optimod - TV processor. Not show is an EV RE 15 mic. Many fun hours on 75 meters.

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  4. W4HWD

    W4HWD Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Mine is in my
    profile pic - impressive huh?
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  5. W7TCT

    W7TCT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Let's see. Very solid HF radio - the 718 - key, tuner, nice wire in the sky, good headset, HT for DMR or everyday VHF comm. Yep, that covers it.

    Ya done good,.
  6. N3LV

    N3LV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've always been partial to Kenwood, so I've got a TS-950SD and a TS-790 with some extra goodies - built a satellite antenna controller, a preamp/polarization switch controller, and a CW practice oscillator among other things. While it might look like a poster, the large band plan is actually 16 separate pages taped together! The CDV-700 is good for measuring ERP.
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  7. K1VSK

    K1VSK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nice. Dial phone?
  8. N3LV

    N3LV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks! The rotary phone is hooked up to a ringdown in the basement. You connect two telephones to it and one phone will ring as soon as the other's handset is lifted and vice versa, so there's no need for dialing. This allows me to communicate with the second most important room in the house - - the kitchen! My wife can alert me that it's time for dinner, and I can call for room service!
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  9. KA2CZU

    KA2CZU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    ah, the batphone!
  10. N4GKS

    N4GKS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Geiger counter?
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