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The Official DX "ATNO" thread

Discussion in 'The DX Zone' started by W7UUU, Dec 9, 2018.

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  1. K5WY

    K5WY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    VP8PJ, so far on 40, 20, and 17. Saw them spotted on 75 last night but I never heard them.
  2. WF4W

    WF4W Ham Member QRZ Page

    nice surprise on LoTW this morning. . .
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  3. N5CM

    N5CM Ham Member QRZ Page

    VP8PJ, South Orkney Islands; 15m through 80 CW. Confirmed via LoTW. ATNO:D
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2020
  4. WG7X

    WG7X Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Got a couple of new 80 meter "ATNO's" during the current ARRL DX contest. V85 and 3D2. Got another band ATNO or two on 40 meters, V5 and a couple of EU station last nite. Forty meters was hopping into EU last nite (3/7/20). I've never worked so many EU stations on 40 phone before!

    Amazing thing about contests: they really bring out the DX stations!
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  5. AD7DB

    AD7DB Ham Member QRZ Page

    VP8PJ South Orkney has confirmed in LOTW, ATNO. Very nice! I'd given them a contribution at Visalia 11 months ago, here's where it pays off.
    Thanks guys!
  6. KP4SX

    KP4SX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    My LoTW confirmation came thru 6 hrs after submitting it.
  7. N5CM

    N5CM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Probably about the same here. Took a while to get into MoURX website. While I was in it, the "QSL not requested" note wouldn't go away, so I just plowed ahead.

    Got up early next morning, and there they were on LoTW. Nice surprise and good service from M0URX. I've always gotten good service from M0URX.
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  8. KQ9J

    KQ9J Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Got my card from ZC4UW UK Bases on Cyprus in the mail today. Had to break out another 20-card display holder and figure out where to hang it. Each entity gets a card on the wall.

    Finally getting low on wall space after all these years :D
  9. KJ4VTH

    KJ4VTH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Bolivia confirmed on 30m. :)
  10. K5WY

    K5WY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    4U1UN now confirmed on two bands from the ARRL DX SSB contest!
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