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Discussion in 'Becoming a Ham - Q&A' started by W1WDW, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Do you use your AR equipment illegally? I'll bet you don't. Doesn't it offend you that he used his illegally.

    You should note that he edited all references to his illegal operation out of this thread as well as the one where he claims I attacked him. The problem was that in the other thread he couldn't edit what I had quoted.

    So, go take a look at the other thread and see if you still feel the same as QXZ.

    Here is a link:
  2. W1WDW

    W1WDW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'll tell ya what KC0REY, if it bothers you so much that the VEs that approved my exam, and the FCC who granted me my license did what they did, by allowing me to become licensed, then I encourage you to voice your concerns up to and including the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. Let them make the decision on whether I am fit to possess an amateur radio license. If they choose to sanction me in any way, I will gladly surrender my license for both amateur radio and GMRS, and will donate my equipment to yourself for destruction at your personal supervision.

    So please, be my guest and make yourself happy. Protect YOUR hobby from the scum of the earth like myself. I'm sure you will feel much satisfaction from doing so.

    On a separate note, you have made it clear to me that is not a friendly place for a new person to come. Seems from your comments and personal attacks that this is strictly a place for only those who have memorized and can recall word-for-word every section and chapter of not only Part 97, but all other FCC rules and regulations, just in case there is one somewhere that one might be breaking. Even if they currently hold no license of any type. After all, if you break any of those rules, you are immediately blackballed by all of your "fellow" service. Maybe we should be teaching the FCC rulebook in public schools so that those children growing up will know to tread lightly with anything that transmits RF. Otherwise you might be knocking on their door to tell them how much of a scourge to society they are.

    So with this, I say farewell, thank you for turning me off of Amatuer Radio as a hobby. I'm sure I can find other things to spend my money and time on, god forbid, I wouldnt want to upset you! :rolleyes:

    Jason WQDU905 (GMRS, because according to you, im not good enough to hold an HA service license):D
  3. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Holy Cow! Talk about over reacting......

    I went through allot of trouble to answer all of you points in your last post Jason. I even said:

    I never actually attacked you Jason in this or any other thread. I noticed that one of the moderators edited one of my posts, so had there been an attack I can assure you that I would have been called to task. Those pesky moderators are like that. They yell at me all the time.

    You appear to have an anger control issue. You're going to leave AR because you don't like what I posted? You've only been in the hobby for a week. Stick around a while, prove me wrong.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2009
  4. W1WDW

    W1WDW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think you and I can both agree that you might have chosen a more constructive if not,friendly approach or method of making your point instead of not only attacking me, but making assumptions about me in front of all other amateurs to see. I understand that you were trying to make an example out of my illegal operations that I performed well before I had ever read part 97. I am in no way condoning my actions nor am I trying to make excuses. I am simply offering my explanation of my actions and the reasons behind them so that people know what I did was with good intentions and not meant to be malicious. Either way, I felt attacked by you and other members even though that might not have been your intent. So yes, I am angry and I would have liked the opportunity to have proven you wrong, even though I don't owe you anything except respect (which I also feel needs to be earned). But somehow I don't think you and your friends wanted to offer me that chance to become a knowledgable and well-intentioned ham. Certainly not considering you label me as the kind of ham nobody needs.

    So what's it gonna be KC0REY? are you going to give me an opportunity to set a good example or are you going to continue to drag my call through the mud for your own amusement?
  5. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    You make some points I feel I must answer.

    1. I am not preventing you from enjoying this hobby, nor am I forcing you out of this hobby. That is totally dependent on you. If your asking my opinion, I say stick around awhile and give it a shot.

    2. I can't figure out why anything I say causes you so much grief.....I expressed an opinion, right or wrong. You took it personally. You don't know me, and you certainly have no need to impress me.

    3. Dragging your call through the mud simply for my own amusement? Come on...your kidding right?

    Tell you what Jason, Let's just say we started out on the wrong foot and start again from the beginning. Fair 'nuff?

    Here, I'll start:

    Welcome to the hobby Jason, I hope to see you in my log some day.
  6. KJ6DXW

    KJ6DXW Ham Member QRZ Page


    I know that the internet is for everyone, and I guess amateur radio is also.
    BUTT, (misspelling intentional)

    KC0REY, isn't the purpose of the "Elmers Corner" to foster new hams? To encourage the new guy to stick around and LEARN about ham radio and the proper way of doing things? I'm a brand new ham, as are most of the folks that come to this particular forum. I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to let you bully me out of enjoying my new hobby. If you insist on being arrogant and judgmental, at least save it for somewhere other than where the newest, greenest operators come to find encouragement. What new ham in their right mind would want to stay on this forum (QRZ) or even stay a ham radio operator after reading the posts you have been writing in this thread, as well as several others I've read over the past few days?????

    Really! Lay off already! I know you've been around forever, have lots of posts here on this website, have never broken any FCC regulations and are holier than anyone else. So please start the flame posts against me, too. I've admitted in another thread to horrific activities in a previous life. (Using a modified ham radio on bands other than ham bands). But I had no idea that it wasn't cool to do so. I wasn't EDUCATED to the facts that I'm now privy to. If I had known that it was illegal, I never would have done so. The fact is, I'm here now, learning the right way to do things, EDUCATING myself, no thanks to you, and am willing to help others in the future to do the same.

    If you're really such an unhappy person, I'd suggest you find a different hobby. I've met so many great people both online and in person since joining this hobby. I've NEVER encountered anyone (other than you) who was anything less than helpful and friendly. You are NOT representing amateur radio operators. You are not what this hobby is all about. Even FCC employees and regulators are not bitter and bullish like you are. Get off your high horse and take a chill pill.

    Now I know that the 9-year old in you will come back and yell and scream at me, but at least you'll be spreading your B.S. around, instead of targeting it all at one new guy.
  7. KJ6DXW

    KJ6DXW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oh, and if you ever should hear me on the air, please don't ask to be put in my log.
  8. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't recall saying that to you.
  9. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    The devil is the details:

    1. I've only been a ham for 6 years. I too am a new ham. Some of the old timers will tell you I am not a ham myself being as I never sat before the FCC examiner, didn't build my first rig, and don't know CW.

    You don't see me crying about that do you?

    2. As I recall, I was nice to you. That being said, I won't jump into an argument with you. You are obviously trolling. I won't play.
    Sorry bub.
  10. KJ6DXW

    KJ6DXW Ham Member QRZ Page

    So, check out your comments to me on this thread:

    I'm sorry, but you were not "nice" to me. And you already did jump into an argument with me. I do take it personally, and I won't put up with it. You are entitled to your opinion, but it doesn't belong here in the "Elmering" forum. There are more appropriate places to voice it. Like the "Opinion" forum.

    I really feel sorry for all the other "new guys" who have logged onto here in the past few days and had to read this rant.

    I'm done with the topic. I'm moving on. I won't respond to this thread anymore, or any other related threads. Thanks for listening.
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