The ARRL and the FCC

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by K9KJM, Oct 13, 2002.

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  1. kk7jk

    kk7jk Banned QRZ Page

    It wasn't me,Jim, that made the statement: The ARRL isn't making the proper moves.
    The purpose of the tape recordings was; the incident(s) actually happened, not just a written log of the happenings but actual voices.
    Yes, azimuth, names. trucking company names ,etc., would and will help emensely, I'm working on that issue believe me.
    Answer this question for me, Jim. We are licensed by the FCC, why hasn't the FCC asked for volunteers to HELP THEM in gathering evidence they need, unlicensed trucker's using 10 meters?
    The FCC declares emergency frequencies for disasters, 10 meters has been in a disaster for at least 4 years and it daily gets worse. Truck Stops and Weigh Stations are prime places for information gathering.
    Personally I'll travel to one fine Truck Stop in my State and doodle around if the call arises or better yet, I'll make it a point to frequent it and get what the U.S. Government wants? Ask Riley about that, Jim.
    Perhaps Riley CAN'T ask for volunteers BUT Riley can't stop me from gathering information at prime sources.
  2. kk7jk

    kk7jk Banned QRZ Page

    For W5JO and all others.
    Keep your chin-up, don't be or get discouraged.
    Keep up the good work.
    We need more hams to get involved in monitoring and logging of unlicensed types using 10 meters.
    I'm just elated when unlicensed, foul-mouth trucker's;
    1. Interfer with 2 or more licensed hams conversing.
    2. Being called: Your a Mother FU-KER and a Mother
    FU-KING ASS-OLE. That just brings me a great amount of joy DAILY on 28535.
    3. The bastard's switch from AM to USB just to tell me this.
    Keep my chin-up.
    Keep logging.
    Enjoy amateur radio.

    So, what do I do? Go to another 10 meter frequency and encounter the same filthy language and get sworn at?
    Change bands?
    Change modes?
    Move the VFO?
    Increase power?
    Turn the power switch to off?
    None of the above, just ignore it and it will go away?

    No, I try to listen to the station I'm talking with and continually hear obscene language from unlicensed that have a signal strength greater than the ham I'm conversing with. Enjoy amateur radio.
    Eventually the unlawful interference overrides the joy of conversing.

    A serious problem of unlicensed activity on 10 meters, no, just a few. A few unlicensed on 10 meters? A few my royal dupa, every 5 kcs of AM and USB/LSB of Spanish speaking with males, females, kids and THEIR noises, echo and computer generated noises. There's no problem here on 10 meters, just a few unlicensed.

    Commerical traffic being passed on 10 meters? No.
    Just each and every 5 Kcs, especially on 28535.

    I've had my LIFE THREATENED by one filthy mouth trucker on 28535. Reported that incident to the FCC and no reply. Good, I'm ready, not prepared, ready for the bastards move. Imbeciles that should be confined to a Federal Prison for proper supervision.

    Lastly, keep my chin-up and take the abuse by trucker's, okay, I'll remember that each and everytime I'm cussed-out by the unlicensed sewer mouths.
    Thanks, I needed that.

    And, for N9IPQ, there is no AM band plan for 10 meters.
    Rule states: AM MAY BE found above 29000Mcs. You can operate AM from 28300 to 29700, observing band edges and FM Repeaters. Where is this band plan you speak of?

    Nellie has got to have some rest now.
    What do you say, FCC?
  3. W7KKK

    W7KKK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just a comment, it’s tough to enforce rules if they cannot conclusively locate these individuals. And in a lot of cases, that is a real problem. With all the violators out there, enforcement must be really costly.
    Just for information, I just got back into another hobby, Radio Controlled Aircraft. And I picked the 50 Mhz band reserved for Hams for my radio gear to avoid interference with others that must use 72 Mhz license.
    Guess what, I have already run into people that say they operate on 50 Mhz too, and they don’t need a license as the equipment can be bought by anyone and that I need to read the rules. I have not seen anyone with a 50 Mhz transmitter yet but you can bet I am looking.
    I can tell you this, the first one I catch with a transmitter on 50 Mhz that is not tagged with his call, address and such, will be reported to the FCC. But I have an advantage, they are right there with me.
  4. W5ATX

    W5ATX Guest

    WV is correct.  Of course a big problem is the lack of punishment when they ARE caught.  

    As for the stuff at the RC field, I think it would be great for some FCC guy to walk over to an unlicensed user of a 6m rig and just confiscate it.  RC plane and all.  I'm getting a chuckle out of thinking about that.  That'd be worth the price of admission.

    Good luck, we have a problem and I don't know what will ever be done about it.

  5. W5ATX

    W5ATX Guest

    Nobody wants to spend the money on enforcing the rules on the ham bands Tom. We don't make money for anyone, and truthfully, we don't have a senator/representative-buying lobby, so who really cares about the ham bands except hams? As much as I don't like that fact, it IS the fact.

    FCC doesn't care about us. They're waiting for us to self-destruct from the inside - which is what the dumbing down of ham radio will eventually accomplish. They figure the "quality" hams will eventually grow frustrated with the way it's becoming (as I have), and the rest will sound like such a bunch of baffoons (listen to the bands lately?), will be unable to meet the needs of ham radio as the SERVICE it really is, and the coast will be clear to be rid of hams once and for all.

    Why enforce it? They're trying to let it die.

    I agree with you though Tom, that's what's needed. I think I've touched on some of why it won't happen.

  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (K0PJG @ Oct. 17 2002,15:17)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">After reading every comment in this thread thus far, all I have to say is &quot;Horse Hockey&quot; to those who defend what the ARRL es the FCC are getting done.


    Get the FCC folks into the Field es make some serious effort to thwart this ever growing problem. How hard is it to purchase an Illegal radio by an FCC enforcement person at these truck stops through out America ?

    Keep those cards, e mails es phone calls going to ARRL, FCC es Congressmen that might be of help.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    I stated this before and I'll say it again, the ARRL isn't the problem here, it's the FCC.

    It's well known the FCC's enforcement is next to nil in many many areas of communications. The organization is a shell of its former self, and because the top leadership changes with the presidential administration, the priorities shift each the closets are cleaned out at the White House.

    Mr. Powell has a difficult time trying to keep the telcos from doing stupid stuff and/or taking over the world. Amateur radio and a few illegal Mexican operators are the last thing he wants to worry about.

    If we want more enforcement, we gotta go to the purse strings.
  7. kk7jk

    kk7jk Banned QRZ Page

    I would pay a nominal fee for enforcement IF I NEW IT WOULD GO TO ENFORCEMENT AND NOT SOME OUTHOUSE COSTING $1,000,000 and a one-holer at that.
    The ARRL is aware of the 10 meter illegal activity, are you Mr. Price and Mr. Haynie? Take the appropriate action to the FCC and the U.S. Congress? Do you represent me and other amateur's paying our dues to the ARRL or some other wing-ding project?
    What is so dam difficult in the FCC Enforcement Bureau putting out a statement on National TV and Radio about the illegal use of specific frequencies? Money? Horse-Poop, they have the money, perhaps there to dam lazy or as someone said, the could care less and will let amateur radio just fade-away. OK, no more emergency traffic handlers during a disaster, hams just sit on your dupa's, let the cellphones do the work. When called upon for your equipment and knowledge, screw you fellas, you already screwed us with no enforcement, get the illegals to pass traffic.
    After all, doesn't everyone want to hear nasty foul language, noises, echo, roger beeps, computer generated noises, reverb., when passing traffic on a declared (FCC) emergency frequency?
  8. kk7jk

    kk7jk Banned QRZ Page

    With alittle cash to travel, would it be worth it to drive, me drive to Washington, D.C. with: Magnetic Tape Recordings, Documented Logs (Diskette &amp; Paper) find a hip-ole-swinger to reproduce the logs and tapes for distribution to those ELITE ELECTED OFFICIALS?
    Senator McCain and Congressmen Kolbe only want votes of YES for their re-election. McCain is and I assume all for the selling of frequencies to the highest bidders for money and I guess that money goes Overseas or another One-Hole Outhouse with paved parking in the Outback.
    Would they listen? Would they read the logs? Would they listen to the tapes? O, I haven't the time, bring all that STUFF to the FCC. Yes indeed folks, back to square one.
    The ARRL is our spokesperson(s) at the Government level; ARRL bring this 10 meter intrusion of Amateur Radio to the HILL, ask Riley to join in and those good-ole-boys at the Monitoring Facility in Maryland.
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