The AM Rally Returns - Feb 2-4 2018

Discussion in 'Amplitude Modulation' started by N1BCG, Oct 2, 2017.

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  1. N1BCG

    N1BCG Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was initially hesitant to post this early (four months) but the media contacts seemed appreciative for this amount of heads up and vacations are getting planned, so...

    It's coming!

    0000Z Saturday February 3 - 0700Z Monday February 5

    ( 7:00pm EST Friday February 2 - 2:00am EST Monday February 5 )
    ( 4:00pm PST Friday February 2 - 11:00pm PST Sunday February 4 )

    The purpose of this event is to encourage the use of Amplitude Modulation on the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 , and 6 meter Amateur Radio Bands, and to highlight various types of AM equipment in use today. This event is open to any and all radio amateurs who are running full carrier amplitude modulation (standard AM), using any type of radio equipment. Modern, Vintage, Tube, Transistor, Software Defined, Military, Boat Anchor, Broadcast, Home Brew or Commercially available radio are all welcomed to join in on the AM fun.

    Details at

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  2. WB1GCM

    WB1GCM Ham Member QRZ Page

    That's GREAT NEWS!

    We should have the Gates BC-1T ready to go on 75 meters then, under the call sign, W1AW. We'll also have the Super Senior on 40 meters, the Joe Walsh Valiant on 20/15 meters and Gonset G-50 on 6 meters.

    BTW, another awesome new video by Brian on the AM Rally web site!

    Bob Allison
    ARRL Lab
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  3. K5UJ

    K5UJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    More operating events coming up, taken from the Nov. issue of ER:

    Annual K0OJ Thanksgiving AM Bash, run by K0OJ in Colorado on Thanksgiving Day, starting at 6 a.m. Mountain Time and running ~ 2 hours on 3875.

    In December, Greater Cincinnati ARA annual AM Night on 28 Dec. beginning at 6 p.m. EST on 1936; official net begins at 9 p.m. EST. The Annual AM night is held to commemorate the great Ohio River flood of 1936, which brought the net into existence.

    Jan. 6, 2018: The annual KD0HG Heavy Metal Rally!

    Feb. 8 2018: The annual "AM Transmitter Rally."

    Feb. 18th 2018: The 2018 AWA AM QSO Party, and don't forget the winter Classic Exchange.

    More information on those last four items in forthcoming issues of ER.

    Whoops, almost forgot: Not mentioned in ER but there's the annual New Year's Eve ZAP Marathon ("ZAPathon") run by W8ZAP on 1880 kc. 12/31/2017 starting whenever 160 m. skywave starts to come in after dusk. and running until midnight.
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  4. WA3QGD

    WA3QGD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just remember you need to be 20 db too be considered piss weak.
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  5. WA1QIX

    WA1QIX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey Clark, isn't 0000Z on Saturday really * 8:00 PM * on Friday? Just checking.

    Looking forward to another GREAT AM Rally event.

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  6. N1BCG

    N1BCG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, but since the event will be during Standard Time, the EST/GMT shift is 5 hours.
  7. WA1QIX

    WA1QIX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ah yes! Good old Daylight Savings Time... Ok, so it's right as you wrote it!

    7:00 PM on Friday for the start of the AM Rally. Also, it's nice that we have some additional time at the end of the event this time, too! More time to catch those illusive 75 meter W1 - W6 contacts :)

    Usually propagation is good that time of the year for AM DX on 75 meters.
  8. WA4JK

    WA4JK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I guess my post got deleted, sorry boys and girls, my job got cut and I’ve been out of state or I would have kept the “Tall Ships Night “ going. I think I’ll hold one Thanksgiving night. 1900-2300cst.
    Now let’s see if this one gets cut...
  9. WA4JK

    WA4JK Ham Member QRZ Page

    What about New Years night for our Annual Tall Ships Night??
    I’ll act as net control like last year if there is interest
  10. K5UJ

    K5UJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Jerry, sorry to hear about your job. Hope everything is okay but having to leave home must stink.

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