The 52 lost Subs of WW2 Special Event Announcement

Discussion in 'Contests, DXpeditions and Special Events' started by WA5DE, Jan 20, 2017.

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  1. WA5DE

    WA5DE Ham Member QRZ Page

    The USS Batfish and the USS Oklahoma Amateur Radio club would like to thank everyone that supported us during the last six months after storms last July destroyed the club station and the museum park grounds where the USS Batfish resides. We are not done rebuilding by a long shot, but we are well on our way. We are back on our feet and we are coming out swinging with this 5 yearlong commitment to our fellow hams and all United States Military members. We hope you will join us remembering those that served, both past and present.

    ----- The 52 lost Subs of WW2 Special Event Announcement -----

    The USS Batfish and the USS Oklahoma Amateur Radio Club will be ON THE AIR from the USS Batfish WW2SUB Friday and Saturday January 20 -21 Commemorating the USS Submarine S-36 (SS-141) as part of our 5 year special event remembering all 52 of the lost boats from WW2 on the 75th anniversary of its loss.

    The S-36 was the second of 52 US Submarines lost during the Second World War. The club wish is to recognize the many levels of sacrifices made by personnel in the US Navy Submarine fleet.

    For information about this 5 yearlong special event, check out the new clubs website which is still under construction, so pardon the mess and try not to step in any electron dust. You will find event information as well as links to historical records of each of the boats commemorated in this event.

    QSL cards for contacts made with the USS Batfish are available for each contact. These are the standard issues USS Batfish cards. Special event cards are available. Please see our Web page for information on how to obtain one for a contact you have made.

    Special Event certificates, one for each of the 52 boats will be available shortly after each event ends. Please see the web site and watch for updates on on how to obtain these special event certificates. These will be made available electronically, via email for free, but donations are all ways appreciated. A Printed and mailed copy is available for a minimum $5 donation, which covers the cost of printing and delivery back to you. Any remainder of the cost will be added to the clubs treasury to support the club, station rebuilding fund, as well as projects to support the boat and museum.

    For the latest news and last minute updates for the event, please watch and like the clubs Facebook Page at

    For information about the USS Batfish or the Muskogee War Memorial, please go to

    We hope you will join us. Look for us in the general class portions of the HF Bands.

    The next event will be January 23 and 24th when we commemorate the loss of the S-26 (SS-131).

    Please send questions or comments to

    73’s from the Officers and Crew of the USS Batfish WW2SUB and USS Oklahoma ARC WW2OK
  2. WA5DE

    WA5DE Ham Member QRZ Page

    ----- The 52 lost Subs of WW2 Special Event Announcement and Update -----​

    The Next Special Event Commemorating the USS Shark SS-174 Lost February 11, 1942, 75 years ago, this Saturday!

    The USS Batfish and USS Oklahoma ARC has committed to a nearly 4 yearlong series of special events commemorating the loss of each of the 52 US Navy Submarines and crews lost during world war two, on the 75th anniversary of the loss of each boat.

    This Saturday, Feb 11, we will be remembering the USS Shark SS-174 from the USS Batfish using the call of WW2SUB. The Shark is the forth sub lost during the war, and this is our forth event in the series. Some early bird contacts may be possible Friday night. Look for us in the general class portions of the CW and Voice portions of the bands.

    This one event is a little more special than the others to us in the club because the Submarine Veterans of World War Two directed that each of the 52 lost boats be adopted by chapters in each of the 50 states, with New York and California each getting two. The USS Shark Memorial was given to Oklahoma, and the Muskogee War Memorial Park is where the Shark Memorial resides.

    The Shark was lost with 59 crew men on board.


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