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Text alert from Raspberry PI for a DX Spot

Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by AA3EE, Nov 7, 2019.

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  1. AA3EE

    AA3EE Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm trying to come up with a use for my rusty Raspberry Pi B+.
    I need Alaska on 160M CW.
    Does anyone have a clue on how to go about generating an SMS (text message) by monitoring a DX cluster using Telnet?

    Just dreaming...
  2. VA3VF

    VA3VF Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you have an Android phone, check the Google store, I think I saw something like that there.
  3. AG5WC

    AG5WC Ham Member QRZ Page

    There's two parts to the problem:
    1. Extracting spots from the DX cluster's telnet interface
    2. Sending an SMS message containing that info
    Depending on your programming knowledge, there's a few ways to accomplish part 1. You can probably use expect ( to extract info; you'll have to learn how to use it, but it's explicitly designed for automatic driving of interactive systems like telnet. Otherwise if you're a programmer, you could whip up something in Python or Go or your preferred language.

    Step 2 can be accomplished in several ways. If you're willing to spend a little bit of money, is really easy to use in a shell script and you can send 1000 messages for $10. You can also often send email to properly-formatted email addresses such as, but I've never used it and of course you'll have to deal with sending an email from your script.
  4. K5UNX

    K5UNX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    How about setting up an alert at ?? It will send an SMS message based on a condition you define.
  5. AG5WC

    AG5WC Ham Member QRZ Page

    This sounds like a pretty good idea if you're not sufficiently masochistic to do it manually :)
  6. KA8NCR

    KA8NCR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Get a developer account at Twilio.

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