Terrorist Networks Use HF E-Mail

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N5PVL, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. N5PVL

    N5PVL Ham Member QRZ Page

    K4AH says:

    I didn't know they had dropped the cw nets from MARS...

    I was talking about all of us doing our part as amateurs, not you personally.

    Charles Brabham,  N5PVL

    Director: USPacket
    Admin: HamBlog.Com
    Weblog: N5PVL's  Blog
  2. W3BNY

    W3BNY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sorry if you thought I ment you were an AOL'er...shudder.

    Anyhow, that makes sense. I was not aware that the PII/III code was proprietary. Even the AOR digital voice modem (ham version) is an available code to prevent the FCC from thinking its a cypher. Wonder if the FCC has any say on that one. They probably have but I havent been following up on it. Heck, Im just barely playing with PACTOR I

  3. W2LYS

    W2LYS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Couldn't they simply use PGP to encrypt the text of the message?
  4. W3BNY

    W3BNY Ham Member QRZ Page

    again we are back to the we cant pass encrypted traffic or any traffic ment to hide its true meaning.

    It would be like me sending NTS to someone like

    Greetings, checking to see if the schnauser fits in the dog house. John has a large moustache and he will only fish on fridays.
    88 Osama

    What does that mean. could mean anything from lets have hot monkey sex in the pantry when I get back from Dayton to the dirty bomb mission is on Alahu Akbar. The messages true meaning is hidded within the plain text.

    So PGP or anything else is still against da rules. So yeah I can see the point of why we cant "see" PII/III transmissions.
  5. N9LYA

    N9LYA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Ren.. I knew you didnot.. But wanted to be clear.... No problem..

    Best 73 Jerry n9lya
  6. W5HTW

    W5HTW Ham Member QRZ Page

    It may be we are lucky. In World War II ham radio was ended (almost permanently.) While we are at war today, hams have been allowed to operate normally (though I do not consider WinLink to be "normal.") It may be that one of the reasons we are NOT taken off the air is there are so many different methods of communications for our enemies, from telephone to cell phone to internet, and even the cotton' pickin' mail. We are simply one channel, where-as in WW-II we were a major one, for there was no internet, and mail was closely watched.

    What's a poor ham to do?! If we cry too much, yes, the government could ban HF ham radio for "the duration." Not likely, but it is an option that could be considered and is indeed within their authority. They could also bad all modes but VHF FM if they so chose, again, for the duration, thus eliminating this PII and PIII stuff. Gosh, I hope they don't ban CW!

    Seriously, folks, there's little anyone can do. I do think WinLink should be shifted to marine HF bands and require a marine license, and get the heck away from the ham bands. Then if they wanna send secret messages via HF email, fine, let 'em have at it. Ham radio is not secret. I hate to see the trend toward making it that way. I really think people who want to go to sea and use HF email need to get a marine HF radio. Those not at sea and wanting to send email can do it right here, on the internet. Let's get ham radio back to radio, and hamming.

    Ah, but. Just one old ham operator's opinion.

  7. N8CPA

    N8CPA Ham Member QRZ Page

    The 10th anniversary of the last NMN CW transmission will be April 1 this year. MARS stopped using--nay, it was forbidden--shortly after. The last use of CW on MARS frequenices was during the 1996 Armed Forces Day--a one day only dispensation if I remember correctly.
  8. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Instead of trying to shut down WINLINK, Charles, if the fellow behind this website has some real information to back up his rant, I think WINLINK logs everything it does, and that information should be of great interest to the authorities. I would imagine they would rather have Osama Bin Monster use a known communication channel than an unknown one. And, maybe I shouldn't point out that we still have impressive facilities for triangulating HF transmissions from anywhere on the globe.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    >Greetings, checking to see if the schnauser fits in the dog house. John has a large moustache and he will only fish on fridays.<

    Boy Ren, did you mess this message up. I copied that: it was a schnitzel, and that Ben was in the dog house for all the schnapps in his moustache. And it was not signed "Osama" but "yo' mama"

    Jeezze can't you guys copy a little encription?[​IMG]

  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Now, tell me more about the monkey you have locked in the pantry.....:rock:
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