Ten Tec- where is it today

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N8FVJ, Aug 29, 2019.

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  1. KA0HCP

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    You aren't 'encouraging' in any manner. You are simply criticizing and stating that you know better than Mike, how to run his business. What hubris!
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  2. N4GKS

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  3. AD0AC

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    I wonder if the company has the engineering and RF design expertise to design a clean-sheet rig at this point, or if it's something they will need to contract out or license from someone else? It sounds like they have the manufacturing capacity and expertise to fabricate and assemble rigs, but other than the big solid state amp and wattmeter Mike designed for Dishtronix, I guess I'm just not aware of any modern transceivers he's designed.

    A direct-sampling transceiver should be relatively simple to design and produce at this point. The industry has moved in that direction and I don't know that a Super Eagle will hold the interest the way it could have three or four years ago. I'm hoping that's what we will see coming out of Ten Tec in the future. They were already a step ahead with the Pegasus/Jupiter platforms 20 years ago.
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  4. KP4SX

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  5. W4ZD

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    There is a limit to what can be deemed "new and exciting." The actual guts of AR rigs are pretty much near their limit, insofar as I can tell. New and exciting at this point consists of cramming more and more frills into the box. A rig with a scrollable menu of 500 separate options does not interest me. And I don't need 50 ways to shape the IF passband. Same with 0.0001 micro-volt sensitivity, the ability to work 100 different digital modes out of the box, band coverage from 1.6MH to 5000 GHz, and no, I don't need 5.1 surround sound audio. Nor do I need self-logging, remote operation from the moon, or the ability to brew a cup of coffee by holding down the menu, a=b, and clear buttons while twisting the select knob and reciting "coffee!" into the mic. Sheesh. Those that get excited by crap like this are, in my book, simple minded dweebs.

    If it works, and works well, who cares how old the technology is? Heck, I'd buy a brand new Omni VI+ (old, old technology) in a heartbeat. It worked and worked well.
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  6. KA4DPO

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    At this juncture he does no appear to have done much of anything for Ten Tec or Alpha, both appear to be completely on the ropes. And IMO, selling a legacy radio every other month is not what I would call making it just fine. Go to the Alpha website and it looks like the amps are out of stock.

    As for commercial products, those could be anything from toaster oven control boards to garage door openers, he never said they were radios. If Ten Tec is serious they need to design state of the art radios, not sell 12 year old leftovers.

    A check of their website at 11:50 PM EST shows the 588 as 'Out of stock". Maybe someone who likes old radios bought them all.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019
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  7. WD4IGX

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  8. NN4RH

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    Maybe MIT bought them all for the W4ZD’s ham radio course he’s touting in another thread?
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  9. KA0HCP

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    Mike has repeatedly and explicitly stated they are running full rate production of their commercial receiver to government contracts, and those sales are funding amateur development.

    Watch the Xenia video from April.

    Your estimation of how the company is doing is irrelevant. How many amateur radios are listed in stock is irrelevant. Mike has his plans and is implementing as he is able and as he sees fit. Your opinion of what the company is doing is irrelevant.

    May I point out that for decades under the original owner, Ten Tec had a significant business line making custom enclosures and sheet metal fabrication. Nothing says they must make and sell only amateur radio products. Kenwood and Icom and Yaesu all make and sell commercial radios. Icom makes aviation radios.

    Ten Tec is selling a product to fill certain customers needs, he is keep his employees paid, and paying taxes to his community. That is success by every measure.

    All we can do is wish Mike well, and wait to see how things develop.
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  10. KA4DPO

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