Ten Tec- where is it today

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N8FVJ, Aug 29, 2019.

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  1. WN1MB

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    I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking at length with Tom back in the late 80s/early 90s - a real gentleman and man of his word.
  2. KA4DPO

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    Really? Where in Tennessee? I have never seen any photos of them building radios in Tennessee on the web site, nor any posts from happy Ten Tec employees. I did see where they sold three radios since Dayton, never seen any reviews though. I guess if I bought a 2006 rig for a 2019 price I wouldn't want anyone to know I was that dumb either. For all I know, the company probably bought two of them.
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  3. N4GKS

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    F184A4FB-E926-4AA9-9FD5-1831F4B7AD69.png Lord, not again.
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  4. N4GKS

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    Searching Ten Tec will enlighten you.
  5. KD8DEY

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    Don't you just hate it when your steak still has marks on it where the jockey beat it...
  6. WG7X

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  7. KA0HCP

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    Straight from Mike Dishop, the Ten Tec owners' mouth at Dayton 2019.

    p.s. This video required enormous amounts of work to track down; at least 10 seconds on YouTube. ;)

    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
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  8. WD4IGX

    WD4IGX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    They used to be anyway - Sevierville, TN. I've been to the factory in Tennessee as I used to live about 70 miles from it. We - our Elmer drove me and another teenaged too-young-to-drive ham there - took my friend's Argonaut there when it developed problems. They fixed it free even though the problem was caused by an audio CW filter he mounted inside and dropped metal filings on the trace side of a PC board from his work mounting it. Can't beat service like that.

    I also had a friend who worked for them as a repair tech for a while in the ... early 90s I believe, been a long time.

    But nowadays? No idea.
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  9. KV6O

    KV6O Ham Member QRZ Page

    Where is it today? Where was it yesterday - did someone loose it? Whose turn was it to watch it?
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  10. W4ZD

    W4ZD Ham Member QRZ Page

    You folks that consider the topic to be beating a dead horse are under no obligation to either read the thread or post to it. Indeed, it would be most helpful if you would STFU and stay away. The topic is of interest to many of us here, and trying to answer it via Google can be time consuming. Thus, in the interests of minimal expenditure of time and effort, I would start by asking others, as has been done here. It's simple common sense, yes? :rolleyes:
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