Ten-Tec Pegasus

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by kd6wd, Jan 25, 2003.

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  1. kd6wd

    kd6wd Club Station

    I received my Ten-Tec Pegasus last week. I have had a blast with this rig.  I use the registered version of N4PY software with it. What this setup won't do, don't need to be done.  The Pegasus and Jupiter mic's are bit sensitive to rf so I suggest you use Type 31 chokes from radio works.  I suggest before you spend the bucks on a pro II  or an Ft1000 you sit down in front of this rig and use it for a while.  I purchased a Jupiter in February of last year and absolutely LOVE IT.  Since I am fortunate enough to have a second shack,  I bought the Pegasus for the one in the bedroom. With the N4PY software, the Pegasus will run Ten-Tec's  RX-320 as a sub-receiver. In addition, you can use a sony mini-disk as a recorder to retransmit received audio to another station. The Pegasus has  lineout built into it.  Contrary to earlier postings both the Jupiter and the Pegasus have excellent receivers.  It seems some of the hams who posted earlier were confused. This is because the preamps in the other rigs just amplify noise along with the received signal and provide no real improvement in the signal to noise ratio.  Heck you may as well just turn up the vol.  If you use the general coverage receiver in the Pegasus for SWL  you will really be thrilled. The N4py software has a simulated Sync AM mode which works great. The Pegasus filters do an excellent job and and the receiver is amazingly quiet. It is almost impossible to comment on the flexibilty of the Pegasus with out sounding like I work for Ten-Tec or know the author of the N4PY software. I do not consider myself a vane person. But, I have to admit that I really got a kick out of some pro II guys drooling as I showed them what the Pegasus was capable of.  In closing, if you get one, make sure you have a good ground setup and buy  3 or 4 type 31 chokes for the coax and the mic. Then sit down and you will think you are at launch control at the cape. Your may comment or send questions via email.

    Best 73's
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