For Sale Ten-Tec Orion I (565) package

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by AB4EJ, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. AB4EJ

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    Ten-Tec Orion Model 565 package with Firmware 2.x hardware upgrade, Model 302 remote control, and Ten-Tec six-meter transverter . (The hardware upgrade allows use of Version 2 and up firmware, which improves performance in several key areas). Package includes:
    • Model 565 Orion with standard roofing filters (1.0, 2.4 and 6.0 khz). Condition: electronics excellent, everything works on both receive and transmit; I am original owner, non-smoking home; case has a few marred places on top; on back panel, 3 of the 9 tiny Torx T-10 screws are missing (does not affect performance). Note that this is the rig with the monochrome LCD display.
    • Original manual and DC power cord
    • Auxiliary cable for connecting other devices such as sound card
    • Clifton Labs Z10000 I/F buffer amp (installed) (9 MHz output goes to spare jack on back panel)
    • Model 302 remote control head with cable
    • Model 208 Six Meter Transverter (5 watts output on 50 MHz)
    • Model 218 1.8 kHz roofing filter
    • Model 217 500 Hz roofing filter
    • Version 3.032x7b firmware installed
    • LP Pan Panadapter built from kit (I can’t vouch for its performance – it seems to work, but not that well. Use it with a USB sound adapter(not included) and SDR software (not included).)

    Power cords for the transceiver and the transverter have Anderson Powerpole connectors installed.

    The six meter transverter was built from the Ten-Tec kit, is aligned, and works fine. You can put it on the transceiver antenna jack 2, and then 20 meters is converted to 6 meters (e.g., 14.125 on the Orion works as 50.125 on six meters). Output is 5 watts, which is plenty when the (“magic”) band is open. Set the 565’s output power to 5 watts to use the transverter. I have used it to make hundreds of 6m QSOs.

    The Model 302 remote control lets you adjust the frequency of the transceiver and has 3 buttons that you can configure to operate rig functions such as the voice keyer.

    The Orion keeps user settings in memory maintained by a tiny lithium battery. This was recently replaced and should be good for 5 years or so (it is not hard to change but does require removing the front panel).

    A quirk about the Orion: if sitting in a very cool room and turned on, you may not see the display at first; it sometimes takes a few minutes for the LCD panel to warm up and the contrast to get high enough to read the panel. I don't know if they are all this way. You can adjust with the contrast setting under the "Other" menu, but if you make it dark enough to read when first turned on very cold, it will later become too dark.

    The installed Clifton Labs buffer amp provides a 9 MHz signal which you can feed to a (not included) software defined receiver or LP Pan panadapter (included).

    Also NOT included, but you will want to get separately: 25-A power supply, microphone, tuner

    I am selling it because I have bought something else and now simply have too many rigs.


    PRICE: $1400, shipping included. PayPal only.


    Back panel:

    Display close-up:

    Close-up of the Clifton Z10000 buffer:

    Close-up of installed filters: (I never cared about the 250 Hz filter, so never got it; but they are generally available online).

    Auxiliary cable:

    Remote encoder:

    LP Pan:
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  4. AB4EJ

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    This item is SOLD.

    Sorry, I can't find any control that should let me change the "for sale" status.
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