TEN-TEC Announcement January 4, 2016

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KI4JPL, Jan 4, 2016.

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  1. KI4JPL

    KI4JPL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sevier County is fueled by the tourist industry, so, the local business council tends to make decisions based on how will it help the tourist industry the best, especially since this group or family of this group or someone they know own most of the hotels/restaurants/etc in the area. Hence the old saying in the area when other "non tourist" industries try to start up in the area.... "Then who will make my beds?"......
    So unfortunately Mike has run into the same roadblock.

    Yes, he could move to other counties in the area, but, if he does, he has to consider which employees can commute to the new location and which one's can't. The employees are spread across the county, so, go to Blount county, you lose the ultra key employees who live in East Sevier/Jefferson county. You go to Jefferson or Cocke county, you lose others of equal value. You lose these people, you lose the keys that made TEN-TEC products so good, the audio quality, innovative hardware, etc. Remember, one of his main goals of purchasing the company was to try to keep the employees (as many as he could) employed for as long as he could to support their families.
    In the meantime, he has found a work around for now that might work. But, it ain't pretty, and it ain't something that provides for things that TEN-TEC had in the past, accessibility, land for a hamfest, etc. But, for now, it works.

    Yes, he can move outside of the area, somewhere else in TN, or even out of TN, well, then why not just pull it back up to where he lives? or to where he can get better financial help from the local governments, e.g. why not go up to OH where he lives? or go somewhere else....
    Then, he has lost all of his past TEN-TEC employees.

    I'm sure he will work something out, let's just let him figure out what to do and wish him the best.

    73, KI4JPL
    John Henry
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  2. KI4JPL

    KI4JPL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wow, I just realized it, this thread started with the January 4, 2016 announcement, and it is still running. I wonder what the future will bring, wish 'em luck,

    73, KI4JPL
    John Henry
  3. KN4RA

    KN4RA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi John :)
    Let's hope he doesn't run out of options. Then, everyone loses.
  4. WB4YAL

    WB4YAL Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I agree. Best of luck to Ten Tec.
  5. RX9CQV

    RX9CQV Ham Member QRZ Page

    This transceiver I collected myself. This is an example of his work and reception, and transmission. A tube transceiver. Thank you.
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  6. WA2T

    WA2T Ham Member QRZ Page

    I just bought an Orion II and the FW is quite outdated (2.037j). I would very much like to update the FW but cannot seem to find it on the TT site (as described above). Anyone know where I can get 3.033xe?

    Thanks and 73,

  7. WA2T

    WA2T Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nevermind. Figured it out (and it was not easy!). https://www.tentec.com/?p=1355

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