SOLD Tempo One transceiver + PSU/speaker

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by W4LKR, Sep 9, 2018.

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  1. W4LKR

    W4LKR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Vintage 1970's. Covers 80m through 10m. Originally sold in the US by Henry Radio. Yaesu also sold and branded this radio is the FT-200.

    I obtained this radio from my uncle's estate. I've been licensed as W4LKR since 2012. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. This would be ideal if you are interested in restoring older models as it does need some refurbishing. Photo #5 points out a component that needs replacing. The radio powers on and static is heard through the speaker, but the indicated component has generated some smoke, so I have not tested the unit further with an antenna connected. I believe the burned out component may be a transformer or a choke, but I am not certain.

    Asking $200.00, shipping within continental USA included.

    Please PM me if interested and I'll forward my contact info.

    Thanks for looking.

    TEMPO one 1.jpg TEMPO one 2.jpg TEMPO one 3.jpg TEMPO one 4.jpg TEMPO one 5 note.jpg
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  2. AE1CT

    AE1CT Ham Member QRZ Page

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  3. WA4ZYN

    WA4ZYN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yeah. So sorry I didn't make it up your way this weekend. You are now tempting me with shipping!!!!

    Francis WA4ZYN
  4. KK5R

    KK5R Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm wondering if that is the transformer for the speaker.

    Don't have a schematic to know if it has a choke in the power supply.

    Could be either in my opinion since a choke or audio/speaker transformer look almost the same, sometimes, and the only way to know is if it has two wires which would mean a choke. Four wires would mean an audio transformer for the speaker. In fact, the one near the back panel may be a choke and the one you indicated would more likely be a speaker transformer since it is nearest the speaker. At this point, I'm guessing...
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  5. WA4ZYN

    WA4ZYN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I checked out the power supply schematic. There ARE two 2.5 Henry chokes in the A/C power supply.

    Francis WA4ZYN
  6. W4LKR

    W4LKR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Don't forget about the box full of tubes. Not included, but also available :)
  7. WI4P

    WI4P Ham Member QRZ Page

    The audio transformer is on the main chassis, the smoked item is indeed a choke.
  8. W4LKR

    W4LKR Ham Member QRZ Page

  9. N1SCA

    N1SCA Ham Member QRZ Page

    speaker transformer choke and the diodes went its 47 years old I rebuild what needs to be fixed I check the filter caps as well might have a shorted one going bad.its trying to ground out to something and smoked the choke and the diodes. if your going to go that rute I replace the stuff that needs attention. don't forget its been under a lots of loads over the years. for being old even a slight power surge will take out power supply componates it happends it happened to me once.o_O:);)

  10. W4LKR

    W4LKR Ham Member QRZ Page

  11. QRZ
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