Telrex trap?

Discussion in 'Antennas, Feedlines, Towers & Rotors' started by KB0BRO, Jul 15, 2018.

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    Looks like a low power telrex 40 meter job. 100 watts. The high power had 2 ceramic doorknobs in series. Kilowatt AM. I still have a pair. I'm using one to auto decouple the top of an a latter line fed 100' apex 80m vertical loop into a bi square on 40m. Works excellent.
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    My first impression of the original photo was that it seemed similar to Telrex traps i had seen. But, unlike WIK, I didn't get the feeling that the trap was badly corroded, but rather, that, at some point during its lifetime, some one had glopped on a mess of marine hull sealant or roofing tar to extend its lifetime. Appears to be brushed on or applied with a paint stick.

    Terry, WØFM
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    Old post, I know. These traps were given to me by an OT and he told me they were Telrex.
    Dan W9RAD
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    Telrex Traps used High-Q, High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors and Inductors (Wire Coil on form)
    Encapsulated in 7 coats of 3M Epoxy.

    2*pi*F= 1/sqrt(L*C)
    L-C Resonance Calculator

    High Energy Corporation (Parkesburg, PA)
    still manufacturers those classic High-Voltage Door-Knob Capacitors

    Telrex Catalog Pages (Asbury Park, New Jersey)

    Telrex “Balun-Fed” 40 and 80 meter “Duo-Band” Kit (1962, $48.00)
    Model DBBFD/48

    Antenna Traps (R—L—C)

    Using Antenna Traps (Sotabeams, UK)

    Jotrin Electronics (Russia)
    Antenna Trap calculator

    Typical Multi-band (40-20-15-10) Dipole Antenna
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